Amazing Audio from @GRTL : “If All Aren’t Protected, None Are Protected.”

Fox 5 Atlanta led their newscast last night with Georgia Right to Life joining pro-abortion groups to oppose pro-life legislation in Congress. I have been telling you that Georgia Right to Life’s position has descended to the insane position of letting all children die unless all can be saved.

Last night, Georgia Right to Life went on record to publicly embrace that characterization. You can see the video for yourself.

Georgia Right to Life’s Suzanne Ward told Fox 5 Atlanta reporter Justin Gray, “If all aren’t protected, none are protected.” In other words, legislation that pro-life groups around the country have showed would stop 99.4% of late term abortions was not good enough because 0.6% of late term abortions could be carried out.

This is an absurd position when lives are at stake. What is so amazing is the follow up statement from Georgia Right to Life.

Rape and incest is a horrible scenario and we have the utmost sympathy for anyone in those circumstances, but we can’t condone murder in those circumstances

No one is asking them to condone it. But what conservatives have asked is that we at least move the ball forward where we can on this issue. Georgia Right to Life has refused to do so.

And now they are going on record with their position — better all die than work to save as many as we can. This is horrific. This is Westboro Baptist Church insanity.

Georgia needs a new pro-life group — one that actually wants to save as many lives as possible.

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  1. NorthGAGOP says:

    Keep up the pressure Erick. The GRTL all or nothing approach doesn’t save a single life.

  2. dsean says:

    I still don’t understand the outrage on either group’s position on a purely symbolic piece of legislation that can’t pass the Senate and has no hope of being signed into law by the President (much less pass constitutional muster). If there were a snowball’s chance of this becoming an actual law, then this debate might make sense. Instead, the infighting just seems ridiculous and makes the Republican Party look like it doesn’t care about the overwhelming priority right now – shoring up the economy and shrinking government.

    • Rick Day says:

      Allow me to assist you in understanding: we are dealing with a case of massive cognitive dissonance. The political equivalent to the last of the dinosaurs wailing; flailing in the gloaming.

      That is about as meta as we can get here.

    • seekingtounderstand says:

      It would be interesting to see the president veto this bill. The numbers of abortions since he got elected…………………that would have to be the hardest veto he ever signed.

      • dsean says:

        It’d be an easy veto for him. He’d simply say that it was an encroachment on choice by an extremist part of the Republican party as part of their war against women. The roughly 2/3rds of the country that think abortion should be available at least in some instances would probably agree. Abortion is an issue that wins primaries and loses general elections, at least nationally.

  3. Rick Day says:

    A quick historical review.

    Prior to Roe v Wade, The politicians were content to let organized crime handle the practice of eliminating unwanted fetuses, especially from those who came from the more wealthy neighborhoods. Indiscretions with Pedro the pool boy and such are hard to explain to your peers. Much more tidy to just get er done at home, while the husband is away. Or perhaps the husband arranged it. Men knew about such things; they just did not talk about it. America’s dirty little secret.

    But people do what they have to do.

    Because if you think there were never abortions before Roe v Wade, you are a complete fool. I know these people exist because I had a relative who performed such, er, services in Dallas, TX back in the late 50’s. Widowed at 21, it was a way to feed his daughter. If one could not afford an abortion, infanticide was always an option, as well as the (t)rusted coat hanger.

    Because people do what they have to do.

    Enter post Row v Wade. Enter the Moral Majority, who rallied support to the GOP “for the babby”. Good politicians are branded baby murderers. Doctors and clinics are harassed, harmed, or destroyed, while the GOP tutts a finger while pocketing donations with the other.

    People do what they have to do.

    Now the church, who controls what power in the GOP that the corporations don’t, want to extend the war on freedom by attacking interracial marriage, then birth control, then gays, then gay marriage, all under the base of the GOP’s reputation for protecting the babbys. That is, except when they are in power, because if they outlawed all abortion, the church people would go home and focus on raising all the new babbys in a Good Christian Environment™. So they don’t dare outlaw abortion. It would decimate what is left of a base of any quality.

    People do what they have to.

    Today, we see the fracture is now fracturing. Babbys are saved, but the freedom of choice is still out there in a legal manner. While the right tilt at windmills, the rest of the country moves on, content that the courts have settled the issue once and for all. No amount of unconstitutional laws will change Roe v Wade. You leave us no choice but to support Democrats, or vote for the Paul Brouns of the party.

    Voters will do what they have to do.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Speaking of harassing doctors and clinics, whatever became of the investigation into the arson and burglaries at doctors offices of doctors that testified to the General Assembly in opposition to the fetal pain bill?

  4. MattMD says:

    Am I the only one who finds this issue insanely boring?

    It’s almost as bad as WSB’s weekday lineup.

  5. Harry says:

    To paraphrase Bismarck’s comment –
    “The whole of the Balkans is not worth the bones of a single Pomeranian grenadier”
    “The whole of the Republican Party is not worth the life of a single rape or incest baby”

  6. seekingtounderstand says:

    The pro-life doesn’t want you to know………………they could end the debate.
    If they showed every teenager a film of the abortion where limbs are ripped from a tiny baby, people would think twice before having sex.
    This issue is one that lacks truth about the violent act. Show a film and not many human beings could ever stand it. I saw a film destroying a fetus in my twenties and it has made me want to stop this violence ever since. America needs to see it for what it is, but the pro-life group will not show it for what it is. Why? the debate would be over.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        and after thousands or tens of thousands of war movies watched by billions and billions of people, there’s a new war nearly every year.

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