Remember That GBI Investigation Into Don Balfour? WSB Does.

True, the GBI report into Don Balfour’s expenses has been completed for quite some time.  And it’s true that Balfour received a censure from his peers over some ridiculous charges that he felt we the taxpayers needed to pay.  And, as noted by Senator McKoon in the story above both when the investigation began and now, there needs to be a resolution here and it should be swift.

Justice, unfortunately, doesn’t always work swiftly.  There are issues – some legal and some perceived – that complicate matters when an elected official is at the center.  Word around the capitol during the session was that Balfour could not be interviewed during session under the same code section that let’s legislators drive 100 miles per hour on gold dome days.

It has, however, been about 2 months since General Assembly festivities ended, and a decision on how or if to proceed from the Attorney General should be near.

Which leaves us with the ever present situation of “optics”.  Last week, Governor Nathan Deal placed the fate of indicted State Representative Tyrone Brooks into the hands of the top two Democrats in the General Assembly.  The implication is that Democrats will get to administer justice to one of their own.

And yet, we are left with a case of incomplete justice for someone who was once the most powerful man in the State Senate.  A man who clearly by the available paper trail alone is shown to have abused his power for personal gain. This is the man who once called for harsher punishment of Democrat Ralph David Abernathy III when he was facing a very similar problem.

How are Republicans planning to resolve this very Republican problem?  Justice needs to come swiftly lest the charge of hypocrisy be allowed to permeate the summer air.


  1. AtticusFinch says:

    and it will dangle …. until after the 2014 election qualification, if anything happens at all. Sam Olens will do nothing on this case – EVER. During most of the time when this case was under active investigation, Olens was busy flying around the country campaigning for GOP nominee Romney (check out his campaign committee expenditures online to see how much personal travel was reimbursed by his campaign during the presidential election),, and now he is just busy doing fundraisers for himself. We need a real Attorney General who is interested in prosecuting corruption, not one who wants to be Governor and is using this as a stepping stone to higher office.

    • sockpuppet says:

      And of course, going after a powerful GOPer is not the way to win a GOP primary in this state.

      • Michael Silver says:

        Not necessarily, Bob Barr won his primary after going after Pat Swindle for corruption.

        Olens seems like a cautious guy to me. Hopefully, he’s just getting the ducks in a row before the indictment. Going after a Legislator is a serious matter since doing so could be construed as attempting to intimidate the Legislature.

        Eventually, Olens will have to decide and hopefully it will be an indictment with jail time.

        • AtticusFinch says:

          unfortunately, the AG shouldn’t be a partisan political position. But because the AG has to run for election — and most have their eyes on occupying the mansion of West Paces Ferry Road — decisions such as this are not devoid of political considerations. The AG should be a respecter of no persons, regardless of someone’s perceived power — and all public officials should be held accountable. Sally Yates, Bob Barr, and others have proven that politics will not (always) stand in the way of what is right. We will have to see what Sam does. But politics is his lifeblood, he is not, and never will be, a prosecutor. I sincerely hope he proves us wrong.

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