There’s A Mayor’s Race In Atlanta?

Apparently Al Bartell is running for Mayor of Atlanta. I actually met Al Bartell many years ago when I was Chairman of the Gwinnett GOP and he was running for a different office. Anyway, Al is running for Mayor of Atlanta and will be holding a press conference today before the City Council meets:

ATLANTA – On Monday, June 17, 2013 at 11:00am, Public Policy Leader Al Bartell will hold a news conference on the steps of the historic Atlanta City Hall entrance (68 Mitchell Street SW, Atlanta 30303) to champion numerous major city stakeholders, particularly city employees, that Bartell says are currently being excluded in Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s FY 2014 City Budget decision-making processes.

Bartell will also call for the Atlanta Mayor to cease political blackmail tactics, he says, Reed has been brazenly using on Atlanta City Council members. According to Bartell, Mayor Reed has been “hi-jacking” the Council to sway their votes on passage of critical legislation in the City of Atlanta, now to include the 2014 Atlanta City Budget.

“King Kasim’s” imperialism tactics have barred true engagement from happening, particularly with the city’s employees, throughout the City’s 2014 budget processes,” asserts the seasoned Bartell, a frequent visitor to City Council Finance Committee and Full Council meetings. “Our first responders deserve a raise, not disrespect for their critical services, and the money is available to pay all employees more!”


  1. Baker says:

    Whether it is the “Reed Nod Squad” or using “blackmail tactics”, the City Council does basically do pretty much whatever Reed wants. Can anyone name one thing the Council bucked Reed on?

    So he’s got a competitor you say. Good luck with that Mr. Bartell. I wish him well, but my hope for him winning is on a level of me mastering a knuckleball and becoming a breakout star for the Braves.

    • Charlie says:

      The first two years of his administration there was quite a bit of conflict between Reed and the City Council. I’d have to go back and check but it seems they weren’t too keen on his pension reform idea, and I think they balked at his original T-SPLOST project list, among other higher profile endeavors.

      • Baker says:

        You’re right, they did totally slam the pension reform plan. I’m letting my stadium views cloud my memory. But the name Reed Nod Squad came before the stadium vote.

    • Ken says:

      Don’t be modest, Baker. You could still have a 20-year career with a good knuckleball; it’s easy on the arm. Go for it!

  2. gcp says:

    Reed has a mixed record: on the positive side is more police and pension reform…negatives include city contracts awarded to contributors, 50$ million trolley folly to nowhere, 50% raise to city council, continued flawed water billing, questionable stadium deal and a mayor that is more interested in higher office than being mayor; but of course he will be reelected.

    • sockpuppet says:

      “negatives include city contracts awarded to contributors”

      As if everyone doesn’t do that, and at every level of the executive branch (mayor, governor, president).

      “$50 million trolley folly to nowhere”

      A) Atlanta is paying virtually nothing for that trolley, whose funding is coming mostly from federal and other outside sources.
      B) The only reason why it is going “nowhere” is because the people in “somewhere” (I presume the suburbs) want nothing to do with the project or anything like it. Maybe you would have preferred the $50 million be spent paving a quarter of a mile of some highway that suburban commuters will use to go to, from and through the city? Yeah, that would benefit Atlanta.

      “questionable stadium deal”
      The only question was whether to keep the Falcons in the city or let them split for the suburbs. People who think that letting the Falcons split for Gwinnett would have constituted some great victory for fiscal conservatism (or against big business if you are a lefty like Common Cause) really aren’t thinking about what is best for the city, and especially downtown

      “a mayor that is more interested in higher office than being mayor”

      Please, explain what that is supposed to mean.

      • gcp says:

        When it costs the taxpayers it does matter. Reed bought gravel from a contributor for over 3 times the rate that the state paid in 2011.
        I prefer the 50 million remain with the taxpayers. Folks can walk that 1.3 miles.
        Atlanta taxpayers don’t know the final cost of the infrastructure improvements. That’s the problem. As for his radio threats that the Falcons were going to go to L.A. if they didn’t get a dome; well that was news to even Arthur Blank.
        Reed wants to be a national figure. Several weeks ago a CNN anchor got her cell phone taken and she talked about it on CNN. Reed immediately held a press conference to say he would not put up with such “foolishness” but when there is a murder, another person shot in the head and numerous robberies in E. Atlanta he waits over a week to make a statement even with local news screaming about it daily. And how many times has he been on Meet the Press? And when two APD officers die in a helicopter crash; you don’t two wait days and then put out a written statement from your press office.

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    Dear Al Bartell: Have you been following the Detroit story……………run by all democrats who have destroyed everything they touched in that city?

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