Morning Reads 17 June 2013

Week number three from Louisiana. So far so good, though last week the heat index hit 115. This week I have a real Wifi spot so no mobile links today. I’m sure this will cause much rejoicing.



Ralph Hudgens, the state Insurance commissioner, is looking into the ObamaCare rates.

Sam Olens and Doug Collins are teaming up to fight the use of “sue and settle” type lawsuits to impose stricter environmental regulation.

Jekyll Island is not happy about bad tour guides.

Here‘s a good Opinion column from Augusta that kinda sums everything up.

There’s some real debate over lowering the BAC for a DUI charge again.

National International

Dick Cheney still doesn’t like whistle blowers.

The fires in Colorado still rage, but they are being contained.

The NSA didn’t violate people’s privacy?

Mr. PM, you have an odd definition of the word ‘game.’

Ahmadinejad is out and Rohani is in, but what does this mean for the US and Iran?

Everything Else

Google’s doing some more really cool stuff again.

$560,000 for two parking spaces?!?!?!

Almost forgot. BBQ! Alas there will likely not be any mustard sauce.


  1. sockpuppet says:

    So, looking into whether our insurance rates were improper wasn’t a priority before now? In a state that is known for its excellent, peerless and upstanding business and political ethics climate like Georgia?

    Gee … imagine that …

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