Morning Reads for Friday, June 14, 2013

– I love the smell of jet fuel in the morning.
– Sure. Go ahead. No one will think giving an award to a judge whom you often bring cases to is dubious.
Joe Tereshinski, UGA legend, died Sunday in Athens.
– College Football Hall of Fame commemorative bricks now on sale.
– I wonder if they will name it the Howard-McDade-O-No-You-Don’t law.

– Sorry, but Uncle Sam says your explosion wasn’t big enough.
– Obama ‘strongly objects’ to Religious Liberty Amendment.
We are in the best of hands. More.
– Daniel Henninger at the WSJ: The Sum of All Fears
Rats, sinking ship, etc.
Stupid is as stupid does.

Random Everywhere:
Chewy and his cane get the full monty TSA experience.
– Yet another thing to haters blame on Harry Potter – angry Lego faces.
– It’s the COST, stupid.
Cool tool (not that we’re expecting the demise of civilization, or something).
Man of Steel review. Sorry, Lord Suffolk, you’re no Christopher Reeve. (Warning -spoilers!)


  1. saltycracker says:

    On an upbeat note, the States have a lot of sway over their destiny.

    Meredith Whitney (achieved star status as an analyst that predicted the bank mortgage meltdown) has a new book “Fate of the States, the New Geography of America.”

    She covers the economies of the States and explains that they are as divergent as separate countries. Some are recovering slowly (2%) and some as rapidly as emerging countries (16-27%).

    States can’t print money but they can control taxes, spending, debt and crippling pension/benefit obligations. Some local governments will not recover short of bankruptcy while others are spending on infrastructure and education to attract more business.

    There will be pockets of prosperity in the U.S. as jobs and businesses move in where the legislators understand low taxes, spending within their means, quality education for kids (not personnel) and sensible public infrastructure.

  2. Ellynn says:

    As to the West, Texas FEMA ruling, man made events have always had less aid involved with them. I most cases, the group linked to the event (in this case West Fertilizer Plant), has had to either pay for the major fix up, or the state and/or local has used money collected in fines, responder cost, or civil court, to cover costs. Look at the BP Gulf accident. FEMA covered short term recovery and small business loans, but BP picked up the tab (of course there is a law on the books that states oil companies have to do this if they want to have drilling rights…). Here in Georgia, we had the same issue here about 8 years ago with the cremitorium that created a bio hazard in it back yard when it discarded the bodies. Man made emergancy.

  3. achap39 says:

    Call me whatever you want, but IMO, there’s no way a dollar of extra federal money should be sent to West, TX. West Fertilizer Company had been cited/fined multiple times since 2006 and was not complying by state or federal regulations.

    Any rebuilding funds (not to mention money from lawsuit) should come directly from the company and/or their insurance, NOT the federal government.

    All more FEMA dollars do is send the message to companies that they can stay out of compliance, and if a disaster occurs because of their negligence, “ehh…don’t worry about it- we’ll take care of it.”

    • Scott65 says:

      …not to mention we are now officially in Hurricane Season, and statistically FL has never gone this long without a Cat3 or greater hit. There is usually at least one within a 7 year period since records have been kept (well over 100 years). This would be the 8th season. Also this year looks to have many more “Cape Verde” long track systems which are the most dangerous. Point being, FEMA cant be coming to the aid of West, TX. Its the negligence of WTF (lol…West Texas Fertilizer) that caused it…and thats why they have insurance.

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