Democrat Not Named Nunn Announces For US Senate

So, about Michelle Nunn (D-Famous Father-Unannounced) having the Democratic Nomination for US Senate sewn up?  Not according to Branko Radulovacki, who according to Walter Jones of the Morris News Service, has become the first Democrat to formally announce for the seat being vacated by Saxby Chambliss.

Radulovacki said Wednesday that word is slowly getting around despite a press release he issued a week earlier and having filed as a candidate with the Federal Election Commission in May. He is still learning the political ropes like how to notify the press, and most observers were looking the other way to see if Michelle Nunn, daughter of former Sen. Sam Nunn, decides to run.

On Facebook, Jones posted a fun question we’ll extend to our readers, and I shall add another.  Jones asked, given that Radulovacki is a psychiatrist what should be his campaign slogan.  I offered “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”, while Tom Crawford suggests “You would have to be crazy not to vote for me.”  Feel free to offer your own below.

But, we also often complain that there are too many lawyers in politics and need other professions represented.  Having a psychiatrist or two in Washington could be beneficial as first responders to many of our other electeds who shall remain nameless.  What other professions would you like to see in DC?


  1. Michael Silver says:

    Check out his bio ….. he came to the United States at age 7 and earned degrees in economics and Russian plus a master’s of business administration degree in finance and marketing before becoming a physician. He founded FaithWorks, a nonprofit that tries to tie religious groups to the mental-health providers, and he’s raised money for colon cancer research after he recovered from it.

    How does someone that accomplished decide that supporting our Dear Leader is a good idea?

  2. Michael Silver says:

    My suggested slogan ……. It doesn’t take a medical degree to beat the stupid party.

  3. Rick Day says:

    Oh look, another darling of Team Pharmacopeia™

    Look out, y’all. This guy will have the Zolof Balloon Boy at his fund raisers.

    After all, who can resist a cute bouncing emohead with an animated cowlick?

    Radulovacki and Slovinski: Fine Southern Names!

    • Michael Silver says:

      Could you imagine some southern guy with a name like Kazimierz Pułaski here in Georgia. He’d be the laughing stock of Walmart.

    • SmyrnaSAHM says:

      Not to mention that slacker Kościuszko. I married the grandson of Polish immigrants. Thankfully, my surname, which is chock full o’ consonants, has not precluded me from either holding public office, or belonging to the Junior League.

      With regards to the topic at hand, I’d like to see more stay-at-home parents patrolling the halls of Congress. God knows we are adept at handling unreasonable colleagues.

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