A “Very Special” Faux Pas; GA-10 Edition

It would seem that 14 months from a primary would be too soon to be conducting autopsies on a campaign, but when you see an error like this from a candidate as he’s coming out of the gate, we all know it’s just a matter of time.  Click here for the Monty Python Version.

There is a time honored tradition in politics of people claiming or insinuating endorsements in mailers during the weekend before the election.  It is done by the less than scrupulous who know that the other candidates will have no time to respond, and those whose endorsements were faked usually won’t take the time nor go to the trouble to verify to the press that a direct misrepresentation was made.

When this is done during the candidate’s invitation to his announcement, you have to consider this a “very special” circumstance.  That must be why Stephen Simpson put that his announcement timed for next Wednesday will be very special on his invitation.  Because on this email, he asks you to join Sheriffs Scott Berry, Chris Houston, Jud Smith, and Keith McBrayer for the announcement.  It doesn’t “say” they’re endorsing him.  It doesn’t even say they’ll be there.  But the implication….?  Well, let’s just say that some of those just mentioned aren’t happy about it.

GA 10 doesn’t have a geographic center.  In the geography that it covers, many of the counties can be described as rural, and the local sheriff is likely the most popular political figure.

If you wanted to claim close association with one of those sheriffs the weekend before the vote by putting out an implication in a mailer…it’s not right but it’s done all the time.  But irritating these folks and borrowing their names 14 months before the vote?  Well, that’s just special.  And likely ends this campaign in the counties with the sheriffs that don’t appreciate this before it even specially begins.

These guys may never go on record.  But, they likely won’t be quiet about it either.  For 14 months, they’ll be able to tell their friends, neighbors, and constituents who they plan to vote for…and who they won’t.


  1. bulldawg11 says:

    Francis, I would say you would do the same but then I realized you’re smarter than that. That’s why we all love you.

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