Chambliss Received Classified Briefing On Benghazi

As we’re learning daily with other news stories (**cough, NSA, cough**) there are a lot of items that are still considered secret and essential to the national security of the country that they remain that way.  Yet, some with the right clearances and that serve in the proper roles still have oversight to ensure that what is done under the cloak of secrecy is still viewed and reviewed from an “outside” source.  Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss, as Ranking Member of the Senate Select Committee On Intelligence, is one of those folks.

But, the problem of communicating to the general public at large that these reviews occur, and that they are ongoing, is a bit of a problem.  As such, we end up with press releases like the following.  When reading it, understand what is trying to be said without  what can’t be said, and then appreciate those whose job it is to try and tell us what we want to know without actually telling us that they do know.  And no, that’s not meant to be a slight or a joke.  That’s the reality of dealing with sensitive information in an oversight capacity.

WASHINGTON- Today, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., Vice Chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, met with Greg Hicks, former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya, and Mark Thompson, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Counterterrorism, to receive classified testimony on the terrorist attacks on Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

Senator Chambliss received this testimony to advance the committee’s review of the events and circumstances related to the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

“The American people deserve to know the truth about Benghazi, especially the families of the four brave Americans who lost their lives that night. I will continue to seek answers until we get the truth. I am grateful for the willingness of Mr. Hicks and Mr. Thompson to step forward and share their perspectives on the Benghazi attacks with the committee so the United States can take steps to prevent future attacks. I will not tolerate any retaliatory personnel actions against these two dedicated public servants. If we do not protect these legitimate whistleblowers, our national security and the integrity of the Congressional oversight process will certainly suffer.”


  1. Three Jack says:

    Only a little over a year left til Georgia can replace this guy. He just voted for another bloated Ag bill and falsely labeled Edward Snowden as a traitor. He can’t retire fast enough.

  2. George Chidi says:

    Sen. Chambliss.

    I want to know — not guess, not be given vague assurances, not told privately — that the intelligence-gathering techniques requiring broad access to Americans’ personal communications meet cost-benefit criteria similar to that applied to the economic impact of new EPA regulations. I want to know that what we’re giving up is worth what we’re getting. And I want that standard applied to all future security spending.

    If providing that information requires the declassification of intelligence-gathering techniques, I want you to call for that declassification. If you believe the cost to our effectiveness is too high to do so … prove it.

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    President Obama just raised the carbon tax which gets passed on to consumers as it raises the price of energy. He put it in an executive order about microwave ovens. They will keep raising taxes thru energy and health care to pay for all the spending. It doesn’t matter to them if it is effective and they don’t have to prove anything or answer to anyone.

    • Charlie says:

      Please, tell us more about this carbon tax and how it was raised. I’m willing to risk the threadjack just to see where this rabbit hole goes.

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