Jeff Chapman Announces For GA’s First Congressional District

Current State Rep, Former candidate for Gov and Former State Senator Jeff Chapman has declared himself a candidate for Congress, seeking to fill the 1st CD Seat being vacated by Jack Kingston.

Chapman made his announcement via Facebook,

Its official, late this afternoon I filed the necessary paperwork to run for the first Congressional District seat that is being vacated by Jack Kingston who is a candidate for the US Senate. Please share this with your family and friends. Your support and advice is greatly appreciated!

Hat Tip to the intrepid Morris News Service who shall be credited for first reporting this news on twitter.



    • novicegirl says:

      I agree. This race could be Lee Anderson II. Be prepared for some unique, interesting and stumbled answers to very basic questions about our government. While I’m sure he’ll study up on the Fed and the Flat Tax, there will be other questions that require seemingly easy answers.

      The great thing is that district is more Republican than Barrow’s, so the “hide in the General Election” strategy could very well work.

      • Ken says:

        I spent about 30 minutes talking to Chapman one night after a Dodge County GOP meeting. He struck me as anything but ill-informed on issues and we covered quite a bit of ground.

    • TheEiger says:

      You tell him Francis. But Chapman should be careful taking advice from you or he will end up like Peter Russo.

  1. Tiberius says:

    The only effect this will have is there is an open House seat in the Brunswick/St. Simons area now.

  2. northside101 says:

    PERCEPTION: “The great thing is that (the first) district is more Republican than Barrow’s”…” (Novice Girl)

    REALITY: The two districts are virtually the same in political performance—sometimes CD 1 ahead by small margin, and sometimes CD 12. Some examples (of Republican support)
    CD 1 CD 12
    President 2012 55.9% 55.4%

    Governor 2010 55.0% 55.9%

    Lt Governor 2010 57.1% 56.2%

    US Senate 2010 60.7% 61.2%

    2010 State Avg: 57.6% 57.9%
    (That is, CD 1 under current boundaries gave an average of 57.6% support to GOP statewide candidates in 2010 while CD 12 averaged 57.9% support)

    2008 President: 55.0% 55.6%

    The Republican primary electorate, however, is probably a bit less conservative in the 1st than 12th (still overall conservative, but not as much as CD 12). Lots of transplants from “up north” (as they say) have made their way down I-95 over the decade into CD 1s. In last year’s presidential primary, Romney carried Chatham County and got 31% overall in CD 1, but only 24% in CD 12.

    Anyone hearing of a Democratic candidate for this district? For a Democrat to win this district, he or she for one would probably have to win Chatham County (Savannah) overwhelmingly (like well over 60%) to offset more GOP portions of the district—and even 60% may not be enough unless a D can make inroads in heavily GOP counties like Bryan, Effingham and Glynn. Obama got in the mid 40s in the current CD 1 both times (44% in 2008 and a slightly lower 43% last November)

  3. Jane says:

    The kind of urban liberal Dems who would do real well in Chatham would lose big everywhere else.

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