Straw Poll Results!

The Fulton County Republican Party held a BBQ yesterday and had a few Straw Polls, which of course mean little but are fun to talk about. A few results found their way to Twitter:

For Senate the top three were:

For the 11th Congressional District, the top three were:

Edward Lindsey thanked his supporters for the Straw Poll victory:


  1. tdk790 says:

    Full Senate Results via Facebook.

    Karen Handel: 42%
    Paul Broun: 29%
    Jack Kingston: 23%
    Phil Gingrey: 4%
    David Perdue: 2%
    Derrick Grayson: 0%

    I haven’t seen the rest of the 11CD results anywhere, but I guess the most Pridemore could’ve netted is 8%.

    • GAgadfly says:

      Your math is correct. The vote totals for the 11th district straw poll were:

      Lindsey – 43 votes – 41%
      Loudermilk – 33 votes – 32%
      Barr – 20 votes – 19%
      Pridemore – 8 votes – 8%

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