Another Republican vying for Kingston’s House seat

From the Savannah Morning News this afternoon:

Savannah surgeon Bob Johnson formally announced his candidacy Saturday morning for the 1st Congressional District seat, making him the fourth Republican candidate to enter the race that will determine the successor to outgoing incumbent Jack Kingston.

Johnson, 63, made his initial announcement in front of about 25 people at the Chatham County Republican Party’s monthly Second Saturday breakfast meeting […]

Johnson joins Buddy Carter, David Schwarz, and Darwin Carter in vying to replace Kingston, who is running for U.S. Senate.


  1. IndyInjun says:

    Good. The people need to have a choice other than Kingston, his family members, staff, or gold dome cowboys.

  2. northside101 says:

    Some data on the 1st District (under current boundaries):

    2000 President: Bush 57%, Gore 42%

    2008 President: McCain 55%, Obama 44%

    2010 Governor: Deal 55%, Barnes 41%

    2012 President: Romney 56%, Obama 43%

    Chatham and Liberty Counties usually vote Democratic (both voting for Obama in 2008 and 2012), but the remaining counties of the district usually go Republican–often heavily Republican.

    Looks like there will be interesting battle in Chatham, which easily is the largest county in the district. Chatham accounted for 32% of the district’s total votes in the July 2010 GOP primary for governor (again, assuming current CD 1 lines had been in place back then) and 34% in the March 2010 GOP presidential primary. Glynn County (Brunswick/St. Simons) a distant second at 19% and 16% respectively. In any event, about half of the district’s primary votes were (combined) in just two counties, Chatham and Glynn.

    1st CD backed Gingrich (38%) in the pres primary, but Romney ran fairly close behind at 31%, with Santorum at 24%. Romney carried Chatham in the presidential primary (the only county outside of metro Atlanta that Romney won in the pres primary). CD 1 cast about 55,000 votes in that primary, about 19,000 from Chatham and 9,000 from Glynn.

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