Activity In The 12th District: Reorganization Of Screven County’s Republican Party

A release from the Georgia Republican Party regarding the reorganization of the Screven County Republican Party in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District.  The Screven County Republican Party has reorganized in thanks to 12th District Republican Party (and frequent Peach Pundit reader and commenter) Lawton Sack and former Screven County Republican Party Chairman Osal Evans.  From the presser from the Georgia Republican Party:

With help from 12th District GOP Chairman Lawton Sack and longtime conservative grassroots leader Osal Evans, Screven County will once again have a Republican Party to call their own.  Local conservatives gathered last night at R&D’s Seaford and Steaks to discuss reorganization and develop a roadmap for growth.

“Osal Evans and his wife, Sylvania Mayor Margaret Evans, have faithfully served this community for many years and are highly respected throughout the area,” said 12thDistrict GOP Chairman Lawton Sack.  “There is no doubt in my mind that under their leadership, Screven County will quickly become a thriving County Party in Georgia’s 12th District.”

The newly organized the Screven County GOP will now go through a multi-step process to become an officially recognized organization of the Georgia Republican Party.

“I applaud the efforts of Osal Evans and Lawton Sack and truly appreciate their dedication to growing the Party and promoting conservative principles,” said newly elected Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party John Padgett.  “The State Party is committed to securing an active and vibrant Party structure in each county and will do everything in our power to ensure success and foster growth in Screven County.”

It’s interesting to see that this is one of the first announcements of the new John Padgett administration of the Georgia Republican Party.  It certainly sounds very strategic in that the Georgia Republican Party is assisting the 12th District’s counties to become more organized in order to defeat Congressman John Barrow.  I believe it’s a signal that our Party is serious about getting organized and picking up another Congressional seat in 2014.

In fact, I had a email conversation with Lawton, and he said that the strategy is to get the remaining 5 counties in the 12th Congressional District in order to aid in the election of whomever the Republican nominee is (since that’s what the Republican Party’s number one job is to do, after all).  The major issue in the 2012 election against Barrow was the lack of organized counties, so it was a lot more difficult in spreading the Republican message to the district.  It sounds like Lawton and his fellow Republicans in the 12th are starting to make in-roads in the district, and I hope that it allows us to switch that district from D to R in 2014.

Interesting side note about Screven County, apparently Osal Evans was ousted from his chairmanship by someone who had a personal grudge.  After Osal left, it sounds like the party basically died.  The county party had not had meetings for years and was lead by the new guy as chairman and one other guy.  The now former chairman held a county convention this past March, but no one showed up.  He informed Lawton that he would quit since no one showed up.  Thankfully, Osal has stepped up and is willing to help get his county’s party back on the right track.  Most excellent, sir.

I wish Lawton and the Republicans in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District much luck in reorganizing those remaining counties.


  1. ricstewart says:

    Mayor Margaret and Mr. Osal Evans are two of the finest people you could ever expect to meet. Congratulations to them.

  2. Ken says:

    Excellent work!

    Well done!

    Rule of Thumb: A county organized by the GOP produces about 10% more GOP votes in a general election.

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