Time to (Ad)Minister the Truth

It’s time to put some of my cards on the table. We’re all aware that Minister Derrick Grayson has announced his candidacy for Senate. The self-proclaimed Minister of Truth, or “TMOT” (cringe!) has thrown his hat into the ring as the ‘liberty’ candidate, despite the presence of Congressman Paul Broun in the same race.

Late last week, Grayson was whining about a Floyd County GOP Senate poll that supposedly left him off the count. (He was also upset when Buzz told him that many internet polls are unscientific, but I digress.) Grayson went as far as publicly denouncing the Floyd GOP in an attempt to make a not-so-legitimate poll a much grander issue. (If you ask me, I think it was a publicity stunt because he actually won this poll but again, not the point here). Now, I know Grayson is new to this, but should someone mention to him that you don’t get to be on a poll if you haven’t announced your candidacy yet? Exploratory committees don’t count. As soon as his official announcement was made public, his name was added to the poll. All of this transpired shortly after he posted the phone numbers of news organizations demanding that his friends and fans call them to get the campaign media coverage (By the way, did Peach Pundit get any calls?)

All of this may seem rather small on the scale but in the scheme of things, it falls in line with Grayson’s attempt to draw attention to himself at the expense of the message. I’m very disappointed to see a liberty-minded candidate playing the victim card. Members of the liberty movement have time and time again found themselves champions after having the right message and spreading those principles in a justifiable manner, not by spreading misinformation or throwing tantrums. It’s also disappointing to see a candidate go after an organization that has been open and welcoming to liberty-minded folks , especially over the recent months. It is time to settle down, Mr. Grayson.

This has nothing to do with being incarcerated (Which does makes me wonder 1) Can he vote for himself? 2) Is he able to answer the questions on this SOS affidavit for qualifying and 3) Has he had his civil rights reinstated after spending time in prison? If not, we are wasting time, money and valuable resources on a dandelion in the wind. More digression, though.). This has nothing to do with race. We can all appreciate an underfunded candidate and we can all appreciate someone who changes the conversation. Most of us can even get on board with a lot of what Grayson is saying: small government, more freedom. But point of information: You need a certain level of decorum. Our “kind” already tends to be the underdog. So why the infighting? Why make faction within a faction? We have a perfectly viable candidate who has been endorsed by Ron Paul. Paul Broun has been a proponent of liberty and he has the voting record to show for it. I think it is a waste of time to rally ‘round a candidate who runs of the risk of diluting the liberty message for his own personal promotion. If he truly wants to serve, I would encourage him to look to a race where there is not yet a liberty candidate. Besides, it’s not like there’s a shortage of Congressional openings.

So Minister Grayson, you said you were irritated by news outlets ignoring your race. We’re watching now. But as for liberty, you don’t speak for me.


  1. dsean says:

    Is he the Derrick Grayson who appears on the DoC website with convictions for Forgery, False Statements, and Obstruction? GDC ID # 0000518084. There’s no photo, but the dates of incarceration line up to one story I’ve found about him, but the birth dates don’t seem to match. Do you know what he was imprisoned for?

    I like his message, but hope to get more confidence in the messenger. If he was convicted of forgery, it raises a lot of questions about his sincerity.

    • Jessica S. says:

      As of yet, I’ve not been able to find out what he was incarcerated for but I believe his time was during the early 1990’s.

    • George Chidi says:

      Well, Mr. Grayson does not appear to have yet filed anything with the Georgia Ethics Commission. Derrick Earl Grayson filed a statement of candidacy with the FEC on May 21.

      Now … there’s a Derrick Maurice Grayson with the ID number you listed in this state who has had multiple fraud convictions (fun fact: an alias was “Sincere.”) This may or may not be the same fellow. I tend to doubt it’s “our” Grayson. A fellow named Derrick Grayson — again, common name, might not be him — pled guilty to federal charges in early 1995 for dealing crack.

      A Derrick Earl Grayson in DeKalb County, appears to have filed bankruptcy in 2003 and had a child support case in Clayton County in 2006.

      There’s also something curious in federal court records in 2003, but without eyes on the actual contents of the case and given the possibility of mistaken identity, I think it’s unfair to do more than note it. This will be easier when we learn his birthdate.

      • dsean says:

        Thanks George. I didn’t see a listed middle name – the DoC listed several aliases for that Derrick Grayson. The candidate’s birth year is listed as 1960 on Facebook and the DOC lists it as 1969, but I’ve learned not to trust the DOC records (which is why I asked the original question here).

        There are actually 7 bankruptcy cases for Derrick E. Grayson of Stone Mountain and Clarkston dating back to 1985, though it doesn’t look like any of them went to a final discharge (raising the possibility that they were filed for strategic purposes – the docket indicates that they were voluntarily initiated and abandoned). The most recent was in 2005/2006 (filed & dismissed).

        On the DeKalb OJS page, there are 3 cases against a Derrick E. Grayson of Decatur & Stone Mountain. The most recent is a 1997-1998 magistrate case involving a bad check that ended with a nolo plea and a 10 day suspended sentence & $100 fine. The other 2 cases are from 1989 & 1990 in state court, but the records aren’t complete so I can’t tell what the charge was.

        On the civil side, Derrick E. Grayson of Stone Mountain has a number of small cases (9), including 2 domestic relations cases. There are 8 other cases for a Derrick Grayson of Stone Mountain who appears to be the same individual as Derrick E. Grayson. Most are for dispossession and what appears to be back rent. Not certain if this is the same Derrick Grayson as the man running for Senate or not, but I’ve sent an email to his campaign asking.

  2. Trey A. says:

    I like the youtube video. Nice hat. I especially like the anecdote on prison ethics. I also like how prison showers and toilets apparently utilize the exact same faulty plumbing found on the Navy ships I served on.

    Surely TMOT is not as unhinged as Paul Broun, right?

  3. Just as far as the affidavit is concerned, it looks like the conviction thing is solely limited to violations of election law or a felony of moral turpitude or domestic violence. I don’t know anything about his record (and haven’t watched the video linked above yet), but I’d be interested in hearing the details of what he was convicted for…

    • dsean says:

      The position of the state of Georgia is that every felony is a felony of moral turpitude. The GA Supreme Court has looked at the issue in the context of witness impeachment and allowed every felony to be used to impeach a witness, but I don’t think they’ve examined it in the voting context.

  4. RepublicanToo says:

    Here’s a thought: Why not call or email the campaign and simply ask the questions you raise?

  5. New look says:

    Derrick Grayson, Minister Grayson, whichever he prefers has not only been added to the poll once a website asking for donations was set up but was also invited to speak at the largest event in Georgia on August 17. If he has issues with the Floyd GOP, I invite him to contact the chair. Maybe inviting him to come to speak just isn’t enough. However what must be enough is to bomb the “most important” poll. Thanks!

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