Morning Reads 3 June 2013

Hey Everyone and good morning from the Bayou (there’s one about 200 yards to my left). I’m out in Louisiana all month but I do have some semblance of an internet connection here, so I’m going to attempt to still do morning reads. Hooray for mobile hotspots! It is also a distinct possibility I may be using mobile links. Did I mention I’m in the back country yet?

Hackers were doing awesome things in Athens this weekend.

If you’re older, you may not want to live in Georgia.

4000 Civilians are getting the day off at Fort Benning, however it isn’t a paid vacation.

Things don’t look to good for Mookie Blaylock right now.

How good are charter schools anyways?

Will online classes have a larger role in Georgia Universities? Maybe.



Congress may actually trim some fat.

Congressman Issa thinks he may be close to finding the smoking gun in the IRS scandal.

Does anyone really remember Bradley Manning right now?

China and US have a renewed spat over Tienanmen Square

Some court challenges may overturn some significant portions of Obama Care.

In case you didn’t know, there’s been some protesting in Turkey.


The US beat Germany 4-3 in Sunday’s soccer match.

Did anyone see that asteroid?



  1. xdog says:

    Does anyone have an understanding of what’s going on in Turkey that they’d like to share?

    • Lea Thrace says:

      My limited understanding is that it started out as a relatively peaceful enviromental protest. Harsh police response has escalated it into a small rebellion against the hard-handed tactics in many societal areas. Education, marraige, religion, procreation for instance. The president of Turkey apparently holds some extremely conservative views on those subjects and has been implementing laws and regulations to that effect.

  2. saltycracker says:

    On the bayou ? Hopefully for a good reason like an episode of Duck Dynasty, gator huntin’ or loggin’ in the swamps.

    • sockpuppet says:

      I disagree with the “North Carolina has terrible roads and great schools. Georgia has great roads and terrible schools” crack by the way. The educational advantage that North Carolina has over Georgia is due to Duke and Wake Forest, which are private so the politicians should take no credit for it. But as far as state colleges go, Georgia’s system and North Carolina’s system is comparable.

      She is right in that North Carolina’s public HBCUs are better than Georgia’s. But Georgia’s private HBCUs are the best in the country.

      • drjay says:

        i know she mentions colleges in her article, but i am under the impression that nc’s public schools do out perform our system pretty much from top to bottom…

        • sockpuppet says:

          1. The problem with Georgia’s public universities, especially those at the lower end of the performance/prestige scale (the ones who have practically open admissions) is directly tied to K-12. Improve the K-12 and our lesser state colleges won’t be so lesser. (Also, tighten up the admission standards at our lesser state colleges so that the students that they admit that don’t have the academic background for college work will go to JUCO and vocational schools.)

          2. The problem with Georgia’s K-12 is due to:
          A. the permanent recession/depression economic and cultural conditions in “the other Georgia”
          B. Governance issues in some of our urban districts (Macon-Bibb, Clayton, DeKalb, APS) caused by regrettable choices in school boards and administrators.

          On A) maybe you can blame the state’s economic policy, but not the education policy. On B) well that is not the state’s fault either. And it certainly can’t be fixed by the usual “we need to invest more in education for the children” propaganda of increased spending and lower class sizes, because again the issues are governance, not state level policy.

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