Congressman Price’s Speech At Yesterday’s Cobb GOP Breakfast

I was scanning through Twitter this afternoon and noticed Congressman Tom Price gave an interesting speech to the Cobb GOP at their 6/01 breakfast. Below the fold are selected Tweets about the speech from Charlie and others.

FYI, here is the article Patrick Burns references and apparently the Congressman incorporated into his talk.


  1. Rick Day says:

    Hi Commander Buzz! 😀

    from the linked story:
    Yet if they aren’t careful, they’ll squander this opening completely by allowing their intense dislike of the president to cloud their judgment, missing the broader political lessons for the sake of personal point scoring.

    Even with this amazingly sound cautionary tale, the stink of ‘us vs them’ competitiveness permeates the statement and your platform. Words like ‘opening’ and ‘point scoring’ have reduced the public discourse into a sandlot softball game. I’ve talked often of the tactic of division the GOP now uses as their primary tactic.

    Do you GOP cowboys want to know who you represent? Do you understand exactly the type of voter who elected you?

    Behold your Base: click on that link if you dare. Stare into the face of who you REALLY represent. You ARE the majority party, far and away. All your Base Belong to you.

    Step 1, Secure the Borders…*snort* my eyeballs almost locked up into my head! Why don’t you all collectively just frikkin kill everyone “not like you” and be done with it? As long as one lib’rel draws breath you will wreck the globe eradicating the pestilence.

    Truly you are all mad. Go tell a squad of military veterans with PTSD about the ‘progressive menace’.


    • Charlie says:

      Even the pro-immigration reform advocates in DC (the real ones that want a deal, not the ones using it as a wedge issue for Dems for their own political points) understand that a mechanism to secure the border is the key ingredient of getting this deal done.

      It’s not about people that don’t look like us. It’s about national and economic security. It’s also about whether or not there’s legitimacy in whether the many other concessions that are wrongly called “amnesty” by the far right can hold water. Most who are currently here will likely be allowed to stay in some form. That’s the reality of the situation. But to codify that, there has to be some verifiable notion that we won’t be doing this again in 10-15 years, with a newer and potentially even larger undocumented class of folks.

    • Scott65 says:

      Thats a big ol’ red dot over GA…
      Lets also not forget that those “who dont look like us” might very well be just as much of an American citizen as anyone else…so should we all carry “papers”?

  2. John Konop says:

    GOP House vs Reality

    First 500k Latinos born here are turning 18 every month and this does not include Asians…….time does not work for the GOP on this issue on the long run……

    Second the focus on immigration should be on wages and entitlements…….we cannot afford to have workers soak up social service cost…..that is why I agree with the Costco CEO, that we need to pay workers above the poverty level…….not only do they send most of what they make ie stimulus…….it cost tax payers less……..

    Also, we must tighten our belts with entitlements……we cannot afford the current system…..and adding more low wage workers beliw the poverty rate, only makes the problem worse……

    I realize ideologues on both sides will argue my points, and tell us what they feel about the issue…..but reality is reality……and unless we fix the above I do not see how we do immigration reform.

    Finally, the GOP house position of having 100 percent secure boarder before we have immigration reform, is like saying we should have no new laws unless all crime stops. We all want secure boarders, but lets get a little reality here on this issue.

    • Harry says:

      Sorry, we may want “secure borders” and continuation of the status quo but it’s never gonna happen. The country is moving rapidly towards two or three hopefully peaceful co-existing subgroups. Many white women mix with black men and white men with Asians and Mexicans. The descendants of continental Europeans (German, French, Italian, Celtic, Slavic, Jewish) will continue mixing among themselves and others as they have already done for centuries. We purebred Anglos and Scandinavians have no future and must assimilate. It’s God’s will, nothing is permanent.

      • xdog says:

        Purebred? Sounds like you guys grew up on a feed lot. And if it’s God’s will that change occurs, why post here instead of sitting back and letting it all unfold?

        That great moral philosopher Richard Pryor said it best: There will always be racism as long as people look different, so the only solution is for everybody to keep ******* until we’re all the same color.

    • Scott65 says:

      The major entitlements…Social Security/Medicare are solvent past 2030…so whats the answer…cut now, and make sure the poor and elderly pay for a crisis caused by the casino style operations of big banks. Something they did not cause. Ridiculous. Nobody knows what the economic landscape will be 5 years from now no less in 20. Growth will take care of all of these things but I have yet to hear a real pro-growth message from the GOP short of tax breaks (which more often than not are ineffective). The chronically unemployed are a resource that the government should be using to build infrastructure…like the WPA from the depression. Ironically, its some of the infrastructure built by that agency that is past its reasonable lifespan that needs to be replaced…I’d love to hear an argument against that…but you may not use the word “socialist” in your response…thats not credible as a critique.

        • Scott65 says:

          ok…so is that the fault of the people I identified in my post…OMG…Harry, are you AGREEING with me???

          • Harry says:

            My point is that resources are being directed from the middle class producers and to the relatively nonproductive extremes on both ends. The house will collapse upon itself.

            • Harry says:

              On one extreme, 29 million, or 0.6% of those with any actual assets under their name, own $87.4 trillion, or 39.3% of all global assets.

      • John Konop says:


        This does not include Medicare part D, Medicaid, county hospitals …… all due respect, any rational person, who can do basic math, can see we cannot afford the current flow of people, let alone more under this model………

        Medicare’s Financial Future Uncertain, CMS Acting Actuary Says

        ……….Spitalnic said that without unprecedented changes in health care delivery systems and payment mechanisms, the prices paid by Medicare for health services are very likely to fall increasingly short of the costs of providing these services. By the end of the long-range projection period, Medicare prices for numerous services would be less than half of their level without consideration of the productivity price reductions. Medicare prices would be considerably below the current relative level of Medicaid prices, which have already led to access problems for Medicaid enrollees, and far below the levels paid by private health insurance, Spitalnic said.

        “Well before that point, Congress would have to intervene to prevent the withdrawal of providers from the Medicare market and the severe problems with beneficiary access to care that would result. Overriding the productivity adjustments, as Congress has done repeatedly in the case of physician payment rates, would lead to substantially higher costs for Medicare in the long range than those projected under current law,” he said

        Spitalnic also said the trustees’ financial projections also assume Congress would not intervene to prevent a 25 percent pay cut for physicians due in 2014, which he called “an implausible expectation.”……..

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