Morning Reads For Wednesday, May 28th: Your Rare Break From Ed

I’m filling in for Ed today since he’s representing the US Communist Party in the Motherland on a trip to Russia (so he says, at least…my bet is he’s lounging near a pool sipping his mimosas or some such).  He normally boasts how awesome his morning reads are.  I may not be able to compete with Ed’s “awesomeness” (he is a legend in his own mind), but there is something to be said about appreciating the rare things in life, so feel free to appreciate this morning’s Morning Reads done by me.

 Here’s a fantastic song to tickle your eardrums.

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  • Stephen Colbert is still pouting like a 5 year-old after his sister lost to former Governor Mark Sanford in the SC-1 special election.  He’s threatening to cut his ties to South Carolina.  Yeah, I’m sure they’ll be absolutely crushed by that…
  • Who’s gonna fill Helicopter Ben’s shoes at the Federal Reserve?  It could be this guy.
  • Up in the land of Snooki and other weirdos, Republican Chris Christie and Democrat Barack Obama were reunited.  President Obama was touring the Jersey Shore to view the post- Hurricane Sandy progress.  I’m sure you can hear the faint shouts of “RINO!”.
  • The ChiCom hackers steal top secret advanced weapon designs from the United States.

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    • sockpuppet says:

      She should go ahead and call it a day. She has been the main target for national media and progressive activist hate (who needed someone else to kick around after Sarah Palin left the scene) and Democratic Party/outside group fundraising and targeting efforts, and at times hasn’t handled it that well. The vicious attacks on her family have also been taking a tool. Even though she could probably win re-election in 2014 with the reduced turnout in an off-year election, winning in 2016 with Hillary Clinton or another popular Democrat on the top of the ticket would have been tough. It is a good move to let another GOPer take the seat in 2014 and have the benefit of incumbency against the increased Democratic turnout in 2016.

      The “bad” news is that the media and the left – same thing actually – will have to find another whipping boy with Palin, Bachmann and Allen West no longer around. Looks like it may be the guy who is running for lieutenant governor in Virginia. Now of course, some of these guys are real characters, but the issue is that the media doesn’t give the Democrats this type of scrutiny. Imagine if 1/10 the amount of visceral hate that Bachmann et al have received had been placed on – I don’t know – the mayor of Detroit, who is now being run by an emergency manager because of its projected billions in deficits. But with the police department, fire department, health system, schools etc. providing services at the level of nonexistent or worse and the city literally mostly empty (one of the biggest problems in Detroit is dealing with abandoned buildings … the landscape is littered with them) where could they be possibly spending all that money? But yeah, ignore real issues like that mess and the gang wars in Chicago (seriously they have as many murder and gunshot victims as actual war zones do) and instead beat up on Bachmann. That’s the media for you …

      • xdog says:

        Oh come on. You’re equating crazy with incompetent. Politics is the last place where you can poke fun at crazy and Bachmann is crazy with a will, just like Broun, Stockman, Gohmert. Those people live to be offensively incorrect so they can feel validated by the flak they get. It’s not the ‘progressives’ who have been beating up Bachmann but everyone and their brother.

        As far as Bachmann’s future I see a nice talk show gig down the road, probably on one of those ‘left’ networks you condemn.

      • MattMD says:

        So how do you even know about the grim situations in Detroit or Chicago if the media isn’t covering it? Do you live up there?

        I’m sure it’s the media’s fault that Bachmann is a loon and Palin was exposed to be an empty pants-suit.

        • Harry says:

          So how do you even know about the grim situations in Detroit or Chicago if the media isn’t covering it? Drudge!

  1. sockpuppet says:

    “President Obama was touring the Jersey Shore to view the post- Hurricane Sandy progress. I’m sure you can hear the faint shouts of “RINO!””

    Please tell me you are being facetious.

    On Chattanooga “could be classified as possibly the best city in America”, sure, if you’ve never been there. Or if your experience is exclusively rural living. Otherwise, a population of 170K and tourist attractions that you could hit in 1-2 days (and many of which are not unique to Chattanooga but the same or similar can be found in a lot of cities or tourist traps) makes for an interesting town that you can spend your weekend in, not an actual city and certainly not the best one. Not only is there more to do in Nashville and Memphis, but also Savannah and arguably Augusta.

    I mean, listen to this stuff. “Riverwalk is a world class tourist destination.” You mean the Riverwalk in San Antonio? I agree. Oh … you mean the Riverwalk in Chattanooga. Which is really about the same as the Riverwalk in Augusta? Right …

    “offering the acclaimed Tennessee Aquarium and Tennessee Riverpark, where visitors can take rides on authentic paddle wheel steamboats”

    Who is the Tennessee Aquarium acclaimed by? It is pretty neat, but that’s all. And “authentic paddle wheel steamboats” … like the ones in Biloxi, New Orleans and tons of other places in the southeast? And “120-year-old Walnut Street Bridge” is not exactly the Golden Gate Bridge. It isn’t even its little brother or twice removed cousin. Nor is it anywhere near the equal of the Lake Pontchartrain bridge …

    “I couldn’t leave Chattanooga without riding Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, the steepest passenger railway in the world. ” Actually you can, because nearly all the “passengers” on that “passenger railway” are tourists. It is a neat diversion, but the San Francisco streetcars they ain’t.

    “Why are more people are not raving about Chattanooga?” Ummm … because there’s not a lot to do there that can’t be done in other places that have lots more and better things to do, and nothing much differentiates it from a lot of towns of similar size or other cities nearby. Has this guy ever been to Biloxi? Savannah? Jacksonville?

    “and a government and populace committed to sustainable development, Chattanooga is destined to become one of the top places in the U.S. to vacation and/or live.”

    That may be true. But don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. This is the best quote: “During trips between Chicago and Atlanta it always seemed the perfect stopping point for dinner …”
    That about sums Chattanooga’s place on the pecking order about right. And even that is for the people who for some reason decide to pass up the many superior dinner options in Chicago and Atlanta.

    Chattanooga is getting a lot of hype and some of it is deserved because they have a city government that actually knows how to achieve economic growth by developing tourist attractions. If only the people who ran Chattanooga could be imported to any number of places in Georgia that have similar or greater potential but are being neglected because of the laissez faire/wait for private industry to come and do it mentality. But let’s not go overboard.

    • Baker says:

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. I lived there for years and it’s a wonderful city. Biloxi? Wth? I disagree with pretty much every point you made.

      The Riverwalk is great and miles and miles long. The Aquarium is great. And people don’t go casually walking in the evening time with their special somebody on the Pontchartrain Bridge. The Tennessee River is beautiful and you’re within an hour of the Hiwassee and Ocoee. You can swim, fish, hike, climb, paddle at tons of different places within 30 minutes.

      There are limits. You will run out of new restaurants to go to. That happens in any city with less than a zillion people. Comparing Chattanooga to Chicago is just idiotic. Atlanta the same. Compare it to similar sized cities and I think you’d have pretty tough time coming up with anything better.

      You should go back, it’s a great place.

  2. xdog says:

    Re Colbert, either you’re immune to satire and lacking a sense of humor, or you didn’t read the article.

    • sockpuppet says:

      Colbert’s “satire” and his actual beliefs aren’t that far apart. But here’s the deal. Just like Tom Coburn would never get elected in New York or Oregon, left-liberals (Colbert Busch’s claim to moderation was merely her and the media calling her one … in truth there was no major issue where she disagreed with the Democratic Party platform or the national Democrats … she just kept name-dropping Fritz Hollings and talked jobs – with no actual economic agenda – and that was enough to falsely claim to be a moderate) aren’t going to get elected to right-leaning districts. And Colbert Busch is no Tom Coburn, who is an accomplished politician and was even more successful and accomplished before entering politics (and probably should have remained in the private sector where he was doing more good). And another thing: don’t bring up another candidate’s private life in a public debate and then totally melt down and play the victim when the other candidate brings up your private life in response.

      Another John Barrow wins that race easily. But the Democrats don’t want John Barrows. They would rather lose than elect legitimate moderate Democrats, and yes that is Colbert’s real position, “satire” or not.

      • xdog says:

        That’s a lot to read into a bit on lousy NC bbq. Not very funny either. The point was that reading the article as portraying Colbert as ‘ pouting like a 5 year-old’ shows a deficient sense of humor (imo of course), not that Colbert Busch = Pelosi.

    • MattMD says:

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s Cobert’s shtick and he’s had his own show for what, going on five years now?

    • taylor says:

      I think you reading too much into Colbert. And how is he “still” pouting? His comments – and the article – are three weeks old.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Chattanooga: The USA cycling pro nationals were over the weekend and we went to watch a close relative. Darn, wish Nathan have posted that article earlier – would Ed have ?

  4. John Vestal says:

    In whatever you do today, #LiveLikeBella

    10-year-old Bella Rodriguez-Torres lost her 6-year battle with cancer on Tuesday. As many know, I’ve been honoring Chayton Williamson of Dawsonville the past 6 years as part of my support of St Baldrick’s Foundation. Chayton and Bella (and their families) got to know each other a few years ago.

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