Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good Morning From Foggy San Francisco!

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Not Georgia!

  • That which All Classical Economic Thinkers Can Agree (Forbes)
  • California Faces a New Quandary, Too Much Money (NYT)
  • Choosing Algorithms over Humans may be Detrimental Reliance  (aeon)
  • Behind the World’s Hottest Peppers is Gut-Wrenching Science (Smithsonian)
  • End it like Beckham: On his career, a legend has called time (Daily Mail)
  • Unknown Mathematician proves elusive numbers of prime (Wired)
  • The Pseudo-Business of the Overseer of college sports (priceonomics)
  • America’s Health Care for Veterans is Out of Sorts (The Gazette)
  • Battle of the Beach is beyond getting a tan (WSJ)
  • The Lesson of a Falling Span (Atlantic)


  • Spelunker rescued from Georgia cave (AJC)
  • Time to find out if Paul Howard is brave (AJC)
  • Yarbrough on Bibles on lodges and preaching God to the Godless (MaconTelegraph)
  • Underused classrooms indicate students should hang out on the quad less(ABH)
  • On Georgia Dems chances, Brooks and Berlon have put a hex (SMN)
  • Deal will give Washington $2 million not to have to hear about teenage sex (WSB)
  • Kasim Reed has his heart set on West Paces (AJC)
  • Atlanta Magazine’s top ten BBQ spots has some new faces (Atlanta)





  1. Harry says:
    • sockpuppet says:

      I had forgotten about the Gibson Guitar thing. Oh well …

      My thing is that the people who make the (code worded dog whistle) claim that “Obama has never had a real job” are 100% wrong. It would have actually been BETTER if Obama had never had a job. Instead, he did have one: a professor at the University of Chicago for 12 years. While Chicago is no Harvard or Berkeley in that they do at least tolerate a few conservative professors, Obama is nonetheless part of the aggressive PC/multicultural campus culture with the speech codes and all that. Such universities are notorious for denying official recognition – and the funds and facilities to go with it – to student conservative groups, and “allowing” (actually encouraging) student activists to shout down conservative speakers and vandalize conservative publications. The left wing groups get to form as many groups as they want – even ones that essentially duplicate each other – and invite radical speakers that get to say whatever they want and get university funds and facilities at their disposal, but the right wing groups have to fight the bureaucracy and often get their requests denied for arbitrary reasons. And even in many cases if you try to organize your own unofficial group with your own funds because the university won’t approve you for official status, your group gets banned from campus, claiming “safety concerns” and other nonsense like that.

      While we have certainly had other liberal presidents, none were as closely identified with the liberal university culture as is Obama. Since universities harass conservative groups with impunity all the time, Obama – a product of that culture – thought that he could also. And really, he still does. All he has done is “fire” one guy who was leaving the IRS in 30 days anyway, and give another person what amounts to a paid vacation. And the media, while pretending to be outraged on one hand, has already resorted to “the REAL problem is the need for campaign finance reform and tax reform” with no mention being made of the existing laws that other administrations – Democrat and Republican – were perfectly capable of abiding by that were broken.

      Expect to see this type of targeting to become commonplace in the future.

  2. saltycracker says:

    S = good posts
    In Cali-nomics a few billion more coming in means a fight on leveraging and spending tens of billions.

  3. saltycracker says:

    S = good posts
    In Cali-nomics a few billion more coming in means a fight on leveraging and spending tens of billions.

  4. Ed says:


    As you are in SanFran, I’m assuming you left your hear there or at least wore some flowers in your hair?

  5. ricstewart says:

    A moment in Georgia history: Gladys Knight turns 69 today. Greatest thing to come out of Georgia since…

    • Lea Thrace says:

      You speak true facts sir! I still get chills when I hear “Midnight Train to Georgia.” And that’s not even her “best” in my opinion.

    • Rick Day says:

      yeah yeah..everyone ALWAYS forgets Pips.

      Poor Pips. Destined to live forever in the shadows of a woman with a female reproductive organ for a name…

      Wait..that’s A-RETHRA, right?

      • ricstewart says:

        As a child, I wanted to be one of the Pips when I grew up. The UPN aired re-runs of Soul Train in the afternoons; I would come home from school and dream of being a Pip. I tried to learn the dance moves and the background singing parts.

        My kindergarten teacher lied when she said I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up.

  6. saltycracker says:

    Re: Deal opting out on teenage sex survey & loosing $2M for HIV awareness: A confidential CDC/personal Dr. conducted survey is one thing, a survey where personal agendas come into play, like in schools, is another.

    With this & the BSA discussion – The next barrier buster with children ?
    AP – Cannes, France:
    “Life of Adele” wins Cannes’ top honor, Palme d’Or. The jury headed by Steven Spielberg awarded the film which is about a 15 yr. old girl falling in love with an older woman. “The three hour film caught headlines for its lengthy, graphic sex scenes, but bewitched festivalgoers with its intimate coming of age story.”

  7. sockpuppet says:

    As the Kaitlyn Hunt case shows, the gay rights community does not adhere to the same notions of age of consent as does law enforcement/criminal justice. NAMBLA has long rejected age of consent laws as heterosexist and so has radical academics like Camille Paglia. What we are seeing is ideas that were once considered radical and extreme even on the left now being the subject of mainstream activism.

    Granted, a lot of the people promoting the Hunt case are also saying “well we need to revisit the age of consent laws for heterosexuals too”, but that is just PR. If they were really concerned with the unfairness of age of consent laws and not gay activism, we would have heard from them when teen males like Genarlow Wilson and Marcus Dixon were getting 10+ year sentences.

    • Rick Day says:

      Did you just stereotype all non hetrosexuals as pedophiles? May I stereotype all scout leaders and church workers as well?

      My great great grandmother, who married at 13 and had my great grandfather at 15 would have been pleased moralist like you were not around back in the day. I believe they were probably good negro hatin’ god fearing, fag huntin’ christians like you want to portray yourself as, sock.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I’m sticking with the argument that Brookhaven inherited the deal that the Pony struck with DeKalb County.

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