Memorial Day


Marietta National Cemetery, Photo Taken by Martin Leinweber BSA Troop 1776. 25 March 2013


So first things first, It’s kinda weird being the new guy and having two original posts in a row, especially over a long weekend.

That being said, today is an important day. Memorial Day, the weekend of awesome cookouts and fellowship with friends and family. However, often times we forget about the real reason for today. As a Boy Scout, my Saturdays before Memorial day were often spent at the National Cemetery in Marietta. I got the chance to help place a flag at every grave in the cemetery along with many (read: hundreds) of other Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts ( I’m sure there was a Varsity and Explorer or two, but honestly I never saw them).

That’s what today is about. Those that went before us and never came home. They are the reason we are able to go to the lake or have a cook out. Today I hope you remember them.

Before the days of an all volunteer military, in this great country of ours it was a bit different. In those days all gave some, but some gave all. Today is the day that we remember those that gave all.

While you’re on the lake or grilling out or just enjoying the fellowship of friends or family, take a moment and at least think about those that are not able to join us in our festivities. They are the reason for the holiday.