Resolution Honoring Leadership of Sue Everhart

Resolution Honoring Leadership of Sue Everhart

WHEREAS we find it fitting to honorindividuals who have committed their lives to organizing and motivating Republicans inCobb County, the State of Georgia, andbeyond;

WHEREAS the Georgia Republican Party isvery fortunate to have enjoyed exceptionalleadership at the County and State levelfrom one individual who has been tireless in upholding the principles of the RepublicanParty;

WHEREAS the influence and activity of theGOP grassroots has strengthened andexpanded under her leadership;

WHEREAS during her tenure Republicans were elected to every state wide constitutional office; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Georgia Republican Party hereby recognizes and commends Mrs. Sue Everhart for her 6 years of exceptionally meritorious service as the Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    I thought the honoraria were at the beginning of the convention and contibuted to it running long.

  2. Ron McClellan says:

    I find all resolutions such as this objectionable, actually. Handing each other awards is rather juvenile and self-serving.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      The resolution has a time and a place, but last week’s convention was probably neither.

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