Morning Reads- Thursday, May 23, 2013

On this day in 1934, Police killed Bonnie and Clyde.

Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum


  1. Noway says:

    “The British government’s emergency committee met Thursday after two Muslim terrorists wielding a machete and a cleaver hacked a soldier to death on a busy London street Wednesday while yelling “Allahu Akbar,” in an attack that was caught on video and left the nation shocked and horrified.”

    But isn’t it just “workplace violence?”

  2. Baker says:

    In other news related to your categories, I saw a story out of Americus about the Bolivian president coming there and he played soccer while he was in town. I was wondering why the Bolivian president would’ve been there. Evo Morales is his name, he’s a big Chavista guy. In general, not what you’d call a freedom fighter (although the indigenous people there which still are a big % of population have been crapped on for centuries so there are extenuating circumstances that make it somewhat diff from Venezuela). Anyways, this Chavez lover ends up in Americus and I was wondering why. It was cool that he played soccer against the Americus team but why was he there?

    He was there to meet with Jimmy Carter of course. He’s a half-dictator of a socialist country so obviously he’s going to get along great with Pres Carter. Interesting story.

    • D_in_ATL says:

      Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Meets with BolivianLeaders

      Atlanta…Bolivian President Evo Morales and former President Eduardo Rodriguez visited Plains, Georgia, today to meet with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, and Carter Center staff about Bolivia’s quest to obtain a mutually satisfactory means of access to the sea with Chile and Peru. Dating from his administration, President Carter has advocated a negotiated agreement between Bolivia, Chile, and Peru for a corridor to allow Bolivia to have direct access to the sea (lost in the War of the Pacific, 1879-1884).
      The presidents also discussed U.S.- Bolivian relations, the inter-American human rights system, and the upcoming General Assembly of the Organization of American States and its theme “Toward a Comprehensive Anti-Drug Policy in the Americas.” President Carter expressed his concern about the lengthy house arrest of American citizen Jacob Ostreicher in Bolivia, and the delegation agreed the legal process should be expedited.
      After the meeting, the Bolivian delegation played a friendly soccer match with the Americus-Sumter High School soccer team.

      • Baker says:

        Cool. I can dig that. That border thing will be interesting to watch. I’m not sure if Pres Carter can have much impact, but good luck to them.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Glowing diamond ring when significant other is close ? Expand the range to 100 yards and every guy in the local tavern will have one !

    Climbing “into thin air” like Mt. Everest is big business ([email protected]). At least they are trying to pack the mountains of trash out while leaving the bodies (saves funeral costs too).

    The USPS could be better reformed by a high school senior project committee than a congressional one.

    School closures/cutbacks: Lots of smoke but when it clears the personnel costs (teaching, administering & retired) usually hang in there while parent/student satisfaction decreases.

    The IRS noise is a temporary bump until congress overhauls the tax code.

    Albany to divert utility rebates to select businesses that promise jobs. Another way to strut around and build political influence/control. Why not just reduce taxes on improved businesses ?

    Drones kill: WWJD ? What would James (Bond) do ?

  4. Baker says:

    And a non-Ga bonus that may be worrisome,
    Forwarded to me from a friend in Louisiana:

    Count this as a score for voucher opponents who say there is no accountability in the program and a disproportionate number of fundamentalist Christian schools are being formed and entirely populated by voucher students.

    Per this article, voucher students in private schools across the state scored 25% worse than none voucher students. OK, that may be a product of not being taught to the test.

    However, the seven private schools in Jefferson and Orleans parish with the worst performing voucher students are (with a total of 300 voucher students in them):

    Life of Christ Academy
    Upperroom Bible Church Academy
    Bishop McManus
    Conquering Word Christian Academy Eastbank
    Holy Rosary Academy
    Faith Christian Academy
    Conquering Word Christian Academy.

    That deserves a Yipes.

    However, those schools can be closed rather easily so there’s that.

    • mpierce says:

      Per the same article:
      The voucher program “is open to low-income students who are either entering kindergarten or who have been attending a public school graded C, D or F. This year, 61 percent of test-takers were in their first year at their voucher school.”

      I wonder how they compared to similar group of public school students instead the comparing them to the entire public school population.

      “there is no accountability in the program”

      Those seven school “have been barred from accepting new voucher students in the fall, as per state policy”

      Black Alliance for Educational Options survey results:
      92.5% of respondents are happy with their child’s current school
      93.6% of respondents are happy with their child’s academic progress
      99.3% of respondents indicated that their child feels safe in his or her scholarship school
      98.1% of respondents feel welcome at their child’s scholarship school

      • Baker says:

        +1 Good points all. Wingfield brought one of those points up as well in his good defense of these types of programs. Comparing voucher students who likely, or maybe definitely, come from problem schools to the full population is completely unfair.

        My instinct is to discount a survey like this but in this case, if you are a parent taking the time to get your kid into a voucher school, you are going to more than likely be involved and really know what’s going on. Good news.

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