Partnership To Fix 285/400 Interchange

Governor Deal today announced plans to improve the 285/400 interchange. In addition to State funds, the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts will chip in $10.5 million.

“This interchange is crucial to one of the metro region’s greatest economic engines. This project provides important economic and quality of life benefits,” said Deal. “It improves the movement of people and goods across and within the state, expands Georgia’s role as a major logistics hub for global commerce and assists in creating jobs and growing businesses. Due to limited resources, this model of partnership gives us the tools we need to facilitate major transportation projects.”

“Improvements to the I-285 and Ga. 400 Interchange are the No. 1 priority for the Perimeter CIDs,” said Perimeter CIDs President and CEO Yvonne Williams. “The Perimeter CIDs have a track record of success in moving transportation projects forward through public-private partnerships,” citing the Hammond Half-Diamond Interchange at Ga. 400, Georgia’s first Diverging Diamond Interchange and the Perimeter Center Parkway Bridge across I-285.


  1. bgsmallz says:

    Slight problem with the article above. “in addition to State funds”….what state funds? I missed the part of the press release where it said how the state was actually going to contribute to the project now that T-Splost failed and the 400 Toll is going to end.–285-interchange-project

    [There is a great argument for heavy/commuter rail using the 75-400-85 corridors as a map feeding across the top end to the Perimeter, all of which would take less time to build than it is going to take to start this interchange and would, you know, provide a consistent commute time not affected by traffic…but we know how that goes]

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