Bad News for Georgia Democrats

Will someone please bring some good news to the folks at Trabert Avenue. Because it isn’t going to be me.

The DPG has a scant $30,734.18 cash on hand at the end of the most-recent FEC filing period. Compare that to the GOP’s $632k. Catherine at Blog for Democracy breaks it down a bit, writing that there are receipts of $9,500 for an event in Savannah featuring Bill Maher.

I’ve now heard multiple rumors that due to the penury of the party, a total of three people remain on DPG payroll (one person said Chairman Mike Berlon was getting paid but that doesn’t seem right). The DPG has also been without an Executive Director since Page Gleason quit in February of 2012.

Speaking of the illustrious Chairman Berlon, if you haven’t heard by now, he was reprimanded by the Supreme Court of Georgia earlier for an ethics violation and has had his law license suspended.

Democrats would probably be best to write off 2014 and save their pennies for 2016 when they actually might have a shot at maybe being in contention for… well, hopefully anything. I’m being somewhat serious.

If you’re interested in helping out, the DPG is hosting an Old Skool Hip-Hop and R&B Night on June 14. I’m sure they’d love your attendance. Only 10 people have RSVPed yes thus far.


  1. Toxic Avenger says:

    Is it possible that Georgia Democrats aren’t getting any money because their Fundraiser-in-Chief (if he thought that was even his job) keeps pulling stunts like these?

  2. Scarlett says:

    So glad to see them hosting the old school hip-hop night, because in-town African American voters are the ones they really need to attract.

  3. Napoleon says:

    Here’s the chance.

    Any of the losing candidates for GAGOP Chairman can take their supporters at this point, overwhelm the DPG, and take it over with the whole goal of putting the party out of its misery. Even coming in 3rd, Van Gundy had well over 400 votes. At this point that’s probably enough for him to win by 95% against any other candidate for DPG Chair.

    Alex Johnson’s numbers would likely take him over 98% if he could get his supporters to be Democrats for a day.

    Heck, I bet there are enough active Libertarian Party members to do the same thing.

  4. elfiii says:

    Child – Daddy, what’s a “Democrat”?

    Daddy – An extinct species in Georgia sweetie pie.

    • rrrrr says:

      This would be REALLY funny … if it were true.

      But then we open our news and find that ”it’s against the rules” to require funds raised as “fees” to be spent on projects they were passed to support, or even to adjust (in lag) future fee rates to reflect actual spending. (Sure glad that Trauma fee failed so spectacularly) The bill gets signed with a note that effectively says the Executive branch now and forevermore will NEVER comply.

      So you got to ask – was the veto pen broken this day?

      The Dems are dead alright…

      That is until the supermajority opens its mouth and breaths air right back into it.

      Poor policy moves and celebrated ethics law enhancements that remove the direct input from citizens at large are NOT defined as demographics – unless I’m missing access to the very latest in Webster’s definitions.

  5. GAPolitico says:

    While it doesn’t look good for Democrats right now, and I won’t argue that it does – do not forget, in 2008, everyone thought the Republicans were a dead party. I think Time even made it a cover story. Then, the tea party sprang up and they won control of the House two years later. We should always remember that you can never truly predict something even two years out. Not saying it will happen in Georgia, but lest we forget about the not-too-distant past.

    Demographics are changing in our favor, that is an undeniable fact. And unless Republicans can some how find a way to win over latinos, blacks, or women, then the writing is on the wall. The question will be, how soon? Will it be in time for the next Census? Can we win the Governors race in 2018 so we can have a veto on any maps?

    • sockpuppet says:

      “The demographics and time are on our side” line is one for losers. There is no evidence that Georgia is going to experience the growth in Hispanics that states like California, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida etc. has. (Also Texas has experienced a huge growth in the Hispanic population and is still solidly Republican … indeed far more Republican than it was from the 70s-90s when Democrats like Lloyd Bentsen, Bob Bullock and Ann Richards ran the state.) The percentage of the black population isn’t going to get much larger, as black population growth outside metro Atlanta is just as stagnant as it is everyplace else, and Atlanta is no longer the “happening” place that drew people from all over the country the way that it did from the 1990s booms until the triple bust (, 9/11 that hammered transportation, and then the great recession that clobbered housing). White female Georgians are solidly in the GOP camp and there is no reason for that to change. As a matter of fact, if the GOP can finally elect a Congresswoman (which the Dems have failed to do apart from the Cynthia McKinney/Denise Majette disasters) or senator, that will give them even more impetus to stick around. Without increasing your share of the white vote, as Democrats have done in states like North Carolina and Virginia, demographics won’t save you in Georgia. Unless your party abandons the left and moves back to the centrist party that dominated Georgia politics for decades, Atlanta has a better chance of electing a white mayor in 2018 than the Dems have in winning a statewide office in Georgia that matters.

      • You guys sure are sure of yourselves. And have such a deep understanding of voters – all the Republicans have to do is elect any woman to office and they’ll have a stranglehold on female voters for the near future? OK….

      • Dave Bearse says:

        No evidence? It appears it’s already happening. Georgia’s population didn’t quite double during the 1980-2010 period.

        1980 61,000 Georgia Hispanics
        1990 109,000
        2010 850,000

        Note I don’t know if definitions/ methods may have significantly changed.

  6. Demographic predictions do favor a more progressive attitude from voters. However, doing nothing while waiting for a demographic shift is a losing strategy. If the reputation of Democrats in Georgia continues to decline, the rising American electorate in Georgia could choose a number of paths. They could attempt to influence the conservative agenda; they could opt out of political engagement altogether; they could try to renew the Democratic party; or they could form new coalitions leaving Democrats in the cold.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Agree there are multiple paths forward. At this point however the GOP is doing it on behalf of Democrats.

  7. Trey A. says:

    At the local level (County Commissions and Sheriffs races) the Dems have supposedly vanished in a lot of places, but those folks are still around. Everyone just runs in the GOP primaries now, but there are clear factions. It’s like how it was in the old days, except back then everyone was a Democrat and today everyone is a Republican. This is not news. My point is that lot of independent and moderate types–the kinds of folks who vote for people like John Barrow, Jim Marshall and even Karen Handel–are all voting (and running for office) in GOP primaries, but are still splitting their ballots in the generals. With the right candidates, a Democrat or two could make a splash in 2014 in Georgia.

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