More Grades for Legislators- Georgia Chamber Style

Everyone loves charts. Especially ones that demonstrate great distinction among party factions. The Georgia Chamber of Commerce has released their 2013 Legislative Scorecard. Chamber President and CEO Chris Clark released a statement saying,

“What is clear from this year’s scorecard is that lawmakers – both Democrat and Republican – are taking private-sector growth seriously. They realize how important these issues are to the state and to their constituents and that we must take action to encourage investment and job creation. We are proud that there was such broad-based, bipartisan support for each of the scorecard bills. As a result, we will improve Georgia’s overall competitiveness and reputation as a state that is open for business. We commend the members of the General Assembly for their dedication and commitment to the betterment of our state.”

An interesting statement to be followed by many  mediocre to average grades for several pretty well-respected legislators.

Click here for the colorful chart that changed my opinion in no form or fashion.


  1. Spooner says:

    “Apparently in order to get 100% you need to do two things: vote in favor of expansion of government and forget where the NO button is. It’s quite telling that half of the Democratic caucus scored higher than I did.”

    – Rep. John Pezold

  2. Baker says:

    Ah yes, HB 318 – that wonderfully conservative legislation that allows govt to literally, and not indirectly, directly pick winners and losers. Nice job.

  3. MattMD says:

    “Scorecards” are a cheap shortcut to actually thinking for oneself. I cannot stand them.

  4. Left Turn Only says:

    Rule of thumb: if the chamber’s for a bill it is designed to screw we the people.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I don’t go quite that far, but my rule is default opposition to Chamber legislation unless proven otherwise.

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