Senate Straw poll

So over the weekend there was the GA GOP convention, and at that convention the GA Young Republicans decided to have a straw poll about the Senate race.

Some folks are bound to be thrilled with the results, while others may feel a twinge of pain about how well their preferred candidate did. Here are the results as linked to in the Morning Reads as well as mentioned by Jim Galloway.

Karen Handel, 42 votes;

Jack Kingston, 21 votes;

Paul Broun, 14 votes;

Phil Gingrey, 9 votes;

And David Perdue, 3 votes.


Straw polls have no real statistical value but boy did Handel wallop the other guys. Feel free to discuss in the comments, but remember to pace yourself. We still have 14 months left in this marathon.


  1. Napoleon says:

    Looking for the “l” and “o” missing from Galloway’s name above.

    Big question is considering the YRs are dominated so much by Fulton County Clubs, why didn’t Handel do better?

  2. MMHanson says:

    The GYR straw poll was for anyone who stopped by the table on Friday or Saturday at convention, not just YRs.

    Thanks to everyone who voted!

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