Morning Reads 20 May 2013


Super Republican BJ Van Gundy makes some news at the GA GOP convention, but it wasn’t a Chairman’s race victory.

The GA GOP convention is over and there is a whole slate of new Officers.

All four senate candidates oppose immigration reform.

SPLOSTs aren’t all that bad, Cobb is getting three new bridges.

President Obama came to Atlanta yesterday to give the commencement address at Morehouse.

The Georgia Young republicans had a straw poll for the Senate race at the convention this week. Karen Handel had the clear lead.

Georgia Power is going to start selling energy produced from renewable biomass.



The Associated Press CEO is not amused by the Department of Justice.

Which scandal will really be Obama’s Watergate?

Good luck flying to Alaska anytime soon.

Tom Price was on This Week yesterday to talk about the different scandals of last week.

North Korea is crying for attention again.

Russia is still mucking things up.

Hopefully this is accurate and Boko Haram really is falling apart.


Everything Else

You might want to check that power ball ticket.

Get ready, they’re coming.

Toilet Paper to counter radical ideology?

The GA GOP aren’t the only ones leaving Athens after this weekend.  UGA baseball coach Dave Perno will be gone today as well.



Update 9:03 am : After watching Morning Joe, there’s another failure of the administration to support a free press.


  1. Baker says:

    Paging Hassinger and others: This is why the Bibles will end up being removed. It’s sad.

    I will say that the reason all this started, because some big-wig in atheist circles found Bibles in his cabin, seems ridiculous, but when you find nine of them? I could see how that might seem a touch on the pushy side. It wasn’t just a Bible in a nightstand, apparently it was a Bible in every drawer kind of place.

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