“Heartfelt Thanks”: From The New GA GOP Chairman

The following was sent from new Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett:

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God…”

-Philippians 1:3


It is with a humble heart and thankful spirit that I write you today.  As I begin my first week as the Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, I cannot help but be overwhelmed with gratitude, thankfulness, and love for all of you who made this opportunity a reality.

To my Campaign Team and early supporters, I truly appreciate the confidence you placed in my candidacy from the very beginning.  Your encouragement, kind words, and enduring spirit were vital in this incredible undertaking.  I cannot thank you enough for your service to this campaign.

To those who lent their endorsement, both in print and in person, I cannot thank you enough for taking such a mighty risk on my behalf.   Your faith and assuredness of victory were inspiring and I appreciate your hard work, long hours, and steadfast support.

To my loving wife Mary, I cannot thank you enough for your unconditional love and support throughout this entire process.  No one knows my deep devotion to the Republican Party more than you and I am so grateful that we are partners in this upcoming endeavor.

Finally, I would like to thank Alex Johnson, BJ Van Gundy, Seth Harp, and all of the Delegates to the 2013 Georgia Republican Convention.  I am grateful for your service and sacrifice to the GA GOP and look forward to continuing our work together to advance the conservative agenda.

The title of ‘Chairman’ is one that I accept with honor.  The title is also a burden I am proud to bear.  While the Campaign is over, the real work begins today.  I can assure you that the “Conservative Action Plan” was more than just electioneering and rhetoric.  That 10-point plan was a game plan for our Party’s future and the time to start implementing those initiatives is now.

But I cannot do it alone.  I need you now more than ever.  In order to strengthen this Party and ensure that our brightest days are always ahead, we must work together.  There will always be differences of opinion but we must always seek to understand each other and find consensus whenever possible.  There will always be detractors, but we must always stand united to promote freedom, protect liberty, and pursue happiness now and for years to come!

Thank you again for your faith and confidence in me.  I look forward to serving you and representing our Party with decency, integrity, and pride!

Thank you again.