Happy Birthday Nathan

If we had an award for “traveled farthest” among our front page contributors, it would probably belong to Nathan Smith.  He manages to attend most of our metro-centric events despite being able to see Tennessee from his house.  It’s the same kind of work he devotes to the GA GOP, where he currently serves as 1st Vice-Chairman to the 14th District.  Here and there, he is known for fairness as he tries to give all candidates and issues equal time and a fair hearing.  And today, the kid is a year older.  Please join me in wishing the kid from way up there in North Georgia a happy birthday.


      • I’m not so sure we need to invade Tennessee. What if we just send you all of our empty water bottles… you can run across the line and fill them up with water and then just send them back to us. Problem solved, right? 🙂

  1. Ken says:

    Happy Birthday, Nathan!

    It was great to see you at the latest incarnation of the PPRS, even if briefly.

    Have a GREAT YEAR!

  2. Doug Grammer says:

    Nathan is one of the few who travels farther than I do from NW Georgia….by about 6 miles.

    Happy b day!

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