GAGOP Update: It’s Over!!

We’re done. Well, we were done well over and a half ago.

So, the convention came to an abrupt halt after quorum was deemed lost. That was because a few hundred people left after the assistant secretary election.

Here are the new officers for the GAGOP:

Chairman John Padgett
1st Vice Chairman Michael McNeely
2nd Vice Chairman Ron Johnson
Secretary Debbie McCord
Asst. Secretary Kirk Shook
Treasurer Bob Mayzes

The rules report included the addition of an assistant treasurer and was adopted if I’m not mistaken, but we currently have a vacant assistant treasurer slot.

Long story short, a quorum call was made, and the count showed that the quorum had indeed been lost. This right before the convention took up resolutions. The convention adjourned immediately.

It is my understanding that the state executive committee will take up the resolutions and probably the vacant assistant treasurer as unfinished convention business. I’m sure folks more close to the matter can give more input.

However, I stopped for supper and am currently about 90 minutes from home. I’ll give more updates later, or my colleagues who were in attendance can chime in.

Back on the road again.


  1. Lawton Sack says:

    Both the resolutions and the vacant assistant treasurer’s position will be filled by the State Committee. The Assistant Treasurer’s position was previously an appointed position and thus a non-voting member of the Executive Committee. It is now an elected position with voting privileges. The idea is to allow an Assistant Treasurer to be elevated in case the Treasurer cannot perform his duties.

  2. There was a good “Deal” of pressure and unorthodox lobbying of the Resolutions Committee NOT to pass a Common Core resolution. I sincerely hope the State Committee takes up and passes the resolutions in a timely manner. Many of them are significant and meaningful.

  3. Doug Grammer says:

    I’m glad it is over, but I really enjoyed traveling the state seeing old friends and making new ones.

  4. Ken says:

    The nine resolutions which emerged from the resolutions committee will be presented to the GAGOP State Committee. The discussion should be quite lively.

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