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Alabama, Florida, Try To Slip Rule Into Bill To Screw Georgia.  The AP’s Ray Henry: “Originally, the plan would have forced the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to seek congressional approval if a request for municipal or industrial water cumulatively changed by 5 percent or more the approved water storage plans for a federal reservoir. Georgia is now seeking water from Lake Lanier that, when combined with earlier requests, easily exceeds the 5 percent threshold. Georgia officials said water withdrawals from Lake Allatoona, part of a separate conflict between Alabama and Georgia, could have also been threatened.”   The offending plan was removed from the bill and the Senate began debating amendments to it yesterday.  Six more amendments will be debated today.

Mobile Offices For Parole Officers?  Georgia is working toward putting Parole Officers in mobile offices rather than brick and mortar offices. Over the last year or so, the state has closed most of its parole offices and equipped officers with laptops, smartphones and mobile printers, turning their state vehicles into mobile offices. The plan stresses visiting parolees in their communities rather than having them come into an office, said Michael Nail, executive director of parole for the state. “It puts us out in the community,” he said. “It puts us where the offender lives and works and attends treatment.”