There Shall Be More Candidates And More Rumors Of Candidates

More Candidates!

David Perdue is still flirting with the idea of running to be Georgia’s next junior US Senator.  He has announced his exploratory committee to guide him to a decision.  From Perdue’s presser:

“I am truly concerned about the direction of our country. We have unacceptably high unemployment and a crushing national debt. I don’t think we can solve our problems by simply electing another career politician looking for a promotion,” said Perdue.

David Perdue helped grow some of America’s most recognizable companies including Sara Lee, Haggar, and Reebok. As a Fortune 500 CEO, David oversaw the impressive expansion of Dollar General to 8,500 stores nationwide and created thousands of quality jobs. Now he is strongly considering a run for U.S. Senate.

“I am honored to have an outstanding group of business and community leaders helping guide me through this decision. It is also important to hear directly from voters during this process. I believe they would welcome a candidate with meaningful private sector experience from outside the political establishment to enter the race and present a real alternative to the Washington insiders,” added Perdue.

And More Rumors of Candidates!!

The rumor mill (via the Tip Line) has it that Mac Collins has an announcement concerning the soon-to-be open 10th Congressional District on Thursday.  However, it’s not about his candidacy to be the successor to Paul Broun, but rather the candidacy of his son: Mike Collins.  Stay tuned for updates.


  1. jiminga says:

    David Perdue was not a success at Dollar General and did more damage than good. That’s why he was fired by the board, and most of his leadership team is now gone. The current management is far superior and morale has improved significantly.

    • Lawton Sack says:

      Whoever is running Dollar General now is doing an awesome job. I have seen Dollar General stores in areas that I thought were in odd locations, but their parking lots are full.

      • xdog says:

        I don’t know if Dollar General and the like should get full credit for their success. We’re a poorer society after Bush’s economic catastrophe and we are more likely to shop down market.

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