Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 14th, 2013



National and then Local after the jump:


  • Barns are painted red because of the Physics of Dying Stars (Smithsonian)
  • China targets Detroit to supply parts for its cars (NYT)
  • After a decade of decline, it’s time for the dollar to have its day (Telegraph)
  • The Facebook Home disaster, and for audacity you must pay (Salon)
  • Tear down this icon: Get over Ronald Reagan (Washington Post)
  • Justice Thomas Gets FLSA All Wrong, Eh Justice Kagan? (OgletreeDeakins) (Lii)
  • he decided all collective action on one claim’s mootness…
  • Kagan and I agree he should be given the bootness.
  • Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Ike? (Forbes)
  • The Spanish village home to the real lucky strike (GQ)
  • How the GOP Congressional Gerrymander Encouraged their Crazies & Hurt the Brand (The National Memo)
  • world-changing The Whole Earth Catalog was a crossed line in the sand (theguardian)


  • By following his love of bivalves, he manages to piss off his hometown (GainesvilleTimes)
  • What South Carolina means to Broun, Towery gives his Senate rundown (MDJ)
  • Legislature is hands off Gwinnett but a Fulton mauler (AJC)
  • Green space requires the dedicated dollar (SaportaReport)
  • Sheldon Adelson’s money was in casinos, now in Alpharetta (RollCall)
  • Congress seeks Tri-State Solution on water vendetta (Times-Herald)
  • The World Trade Center is not where you think (SavannahMorningNews)
  • Jill Pryor waits through another Senate session on the brink (WSJ)
  • David Pennington mulls challenge to Deal, has nothing to fear (MaconTelegraph)
  • I know it’s early, but get your Senate polling here! (BetterGeorgia)

And here’s my second point of personal privilege:

This is great sports journalism, in the form of a fake email from a former coach to a present player. (Grantland)

Also, Wigan must win today. That is all.


  1. Stefan says:

    Photo above is from Robert Scott’s photographs of his voyage to the South Pole. The above shows his ship, the Terra Nova, stuck in ice.

        • Stefan says:

          As well you should. He needs a proper passing midfielder to play his 433 at the highest level – but cannot get one without the Champions League. If beauty is desired in this world, or at least in soccer, then Wigan must deliver an ugly victory today over a puffy, empty coat.

          • View from Brookhaven says:

            Wigan played quite beautifully against City on Saturday. I like Martinez. Would almost like to see Wigan go down so we can see him move to a club with a larger budget…but need them to pull a result against Wenger first.

            • Stefan says:

              Absolutely. Reports suggest he is headed Everton’s way. Of course, Everton without Fellaini and Baines isn’t as much of a draw.

  2. Noway says:

    Let’s see, the Benghazi untruths…Siccing the IRS on opponents, ala Nixon..and spying on reporters…Wow! Can someone pass the popcorn, please?

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