Tim Echols Twitter Chat re: Solar Power in Georgia

Earlier today Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols hosted a Twitter chat on the subject of solar power. Below the fold are the unedited results.

Kudos for Commissioner Echols for reaching out to the public to get input.


  1. analogkid says:

    Tim (and any other politicos looking to host an online town hall) should check out CrowdHall (www.crowdhall.com). It is far superior to Twitter for this type of thing.

    Full disclosure, it was developed by a friend of mine, so I apologize if anyone (i.e., Charlie) views my comment as spam. This seemed like a good place to mention it though, given the convoluted mess that appears above. 🙂

    • Charlie says:

      You’re a regular commenter, and not carpet bombing multiple threads trying to push a service. It’s a topical and appropriate comment. Thus, not spam.

      Carry on.

    • Just looked at CrowdHall. It does look pretty neat, but I think it would do better with some Twitter integration. Accept questions via Twitter and tweet out the responses. Twitter already has a pretty large base of users, and when you’re hosting this type of thing sometimes it’s best to go where people already are instead of asking them to come to you (and have to create a new user account / profile in the process). 🙂

      • analogkid says:

        Hi David. I forwarded your comments to CrowdHall’s CTO. He responded that they do allow one-click sign-in with Facebook or Twitter. They also allow responses to questions to be automatically tweeted or posted to FB.

        Apparently, the primary concern with full Twitter-integration is that Twitter could view them as a competing service and shut them down.

  2. I applaud Tim for making the effort to get out there and talk to Georgians about the issues facing the PSC. Most Georgians don’t know anything about the Commission and its responsibilities, yet it affects all of us. Job well done, Tim. 🙂

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