Pridemore Officially In CD11 Race


It official, Tricia Pridemore is running for Congress in the 11th Congressional District.

Charlie is at the Pridemore For Congress event in Marietta and sends this photo. I imagine he’ll have something to say about this soon.

What does this mean for the race for the 11th?


Here’s a completely unscientific online poll for your amusement.

Updated by Charlie: I attended the event. So did “A Lot” of other folks. The crowd filled the banquet room at Poe’s (larger than their main dining room), and spilled both into the main room and out onto the sidewalk. Enough folks that Poe’s ran out of BBQ – but do not fear, I was able to sample some and will add a review in a later post. Perhaps most importantly, Tricia didn’t announce at a place that puts green vegetables in their Brunswick Stew. She clearly has standards.

….And now we have the official press release:

Republican Tricia Pridemore Announces for Congress
Marietta Businesswoman to Run for 11th Congressional District

Marietta, GA (May 13, 2013) – Marietta Businesswoman Tricia Pridemore announced today her candidacy for Georgia’s 11th Congressional District to replace Congressman Phil Gingery.

“After a great deal of prayer, much discussion with my family and friends, and encouragement from so many throughout our community, I am excited to announce my candidacy for Congress,” Pridemore said. “I strongly believe, our country demands new leadership and a return to common-sense conservative principles. I look forward to bringing principled leadership, a true desire to serve our community and real world experience to Congress.”

Pridemore, a resident of Marietta, made her announcement to a group of over 200 supporters at Dave Poe’s BBQ in Marietta on Monday night. Pridemore, a technology entrepreneur and pioneer in the online marketing industry, stressed to those gathered the need to put Georgia and our nation back to work by fostering an economic environment that encourages growth and small business innovation. Nearly two decades ago, she and her husband started a marketing automation software company in the guest room of their home, growing the business into a multi-million dollar organization servicing some of the nation’s leading Fortune 500 companies.

“During my career in the private sector, I had the privilege of working with some of our country’s leading job creators and innovative thinkers. We worked hard, created jobs, made payroll and were able to realize the American Dream. We took a risk and started our own business because of the economic opportunities afforded in better economic times. Those setting economic policy at the national level today have made it harder for small businesses to start-up, grow and thrive. We need individuals with real-world experience who look at balanced budgets as a necessity, not an opportunity for political gamesmanship,” stated Pridemore.

After leaving the private sector, Pridemore was recruited to serve as the Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development where she was tasked with implementing innovative strategies to build and improve Georgia’s workforce, while driving economic growth. A well-regarded conservative activist, she’s been an active member of the Cobb Republican Party and served on several boards, including the WellStar Hospitals Foundation Board of Directors and the Republican Leadership for Georgia Board of Directors, among others. Pridemore earned a bachelor’s degree from Kennesaw State University. She and her husband, Michael, live in Marietta where they are active in the community. The Pridemores are members of Mount Paran Church in Atlanta, where Tricia serves as a mentor in the Women’s ministry.


  1. Lawton Sack says:

    Tricia is an excellent candidate and a wonderful person. She would make a fine addition to Congress and I know without a doubt that she would give the job 110%.

    Side note: Vandy’s won the AJC’s “Best Barbecue in the South” award and has been serving BBQ and Brunswick stew (with green veggies AND carrots) since 1929. At least some people above the gnat line know what BBQ and stew are supposed to taste like.

    • John Konop says:

      I will take a look at her run……one I value your opinion!, two she is a small business person…..which we need more of in Washington……and finally I love the brisket at Poe’s :)…..

  2. Style note: Refer to it as “Dave’s” or “Dave Poe’s” but always a first name with Sam & Dave, last name optional but never on its own.

  3. GAgadfly says:

    I’ll wager that most Republican voters remember that they are not Democrats, and thus don’t vote based on demographics or geography, but for the best candidate, regardless of gender or which county they’re from.

  4. Three Jack says:

    Good to see an actual business person in the race, but her close alliance with the crook governor who appointed her to the govt job is troubling.

    • Lawton Sack says:

      She worked extremely hard on Workforce Development and she met and accomplished, ahead of time, the deadlines and requirements of the convoluted federal regulations and time tables. I really hope this does not turn into a Governor Deal issue, as Tricia can stand on her own merit.

      • Three Jack says:

        From about the GOP convention where Pridemore lost her bid for chair — “Deal was fully committed to Marietta businesswoman Tricia Pridemore, who worked on his campaign — to the point that the governor, his wife and his chief of staff all took seats in the convention as voting delegates. A first for a GOP convention.”

        Prior to that, she donated almost $11k to his campaign and said after his victory — as a prosecutor, judge and elected official – “has set an example for all Georgians.” Really? Cronyism on steroids is an example we should all admire?

        Then like most Deal supporters/contributors, she was handed a high paying government job by her buddy Nathan.

        It’s going to be really difficult for many of us to ignore that relationship. But since none of the other announced candidates have much appeal, I personally am keeping an open mind and look forward to hearing what Tricia has to say. We’ll see if she can really ‘stand on her own merit’.

  5. Napoleon says:

    I don’t know if Tricia makes it the whole way, but she at least makes the runoff. Sorry, Republicans do make decisions based on demographics as well and being the only woman in the race is a powerful thing.

    What is working against, her is the simple fact she has never won a political campaign. It is a learning experience which is why people who hold office tend to move up.

    Other than that Tricia is a great candidate with strong core conservative values and a background as a success in business as well. I do live in the 11th and I definitely have some thinking to do between now and next year.

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