Morning Reads 13 May 2013


Everything starts Friday in Athens for the GOP convention, don’t forget to visit us at the roadshow.

Georgia doesn’t just have water issues with Tennessee, but South Carolina too.

Raising taxes in Chatham County? Maybe.

Little Richard’s childhood home won’t be destroyed, it’ll be moved instead.

Savannah Alderman cleared in ethics panel.

Parts of Cobb Parkway are still closed from the water main break.

4 ex-principals, which were named in the APS cheating report, are being rehired.



Former SECDEF defends Obama Administration for actions the night of the attack in Benghazi.

It wasn’t a particularly good Mother’s Day for New Orleans.

The New Jersey standoff is finally over, but not without some bad news.

The IRS targeted groups critical of the US Government, not just TEA party groups.

Nawaz Sharif will most likely be the next PM in Pakistan.

Pope Francis has canonized the first saints of his papacy.

The new Libyan government is struggling with private property.


Everything Else

Hopefully this is a taste of things to come in September.

Apparently this is real.

Tebow can’t seem to get any respect.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    There’s mention of this in the Peach Pundit newsletter though I prepared this yesterday.

    Common Core, an idea that developed when the GOP was the national majority and led by the national GOP, being attacked within the GOP as ObamaCore is another demonstration that the GOP is the party of obstruction. The GaGOP needs to act fast if Georgia is to dump it, because Common Core science standards have not yet been established. The complaint that science standards aren’t fair and balanced because they don’t include creationism and a 9,000 year old will highlight state leadership beholden to an ignorant minority GOP base, and send new scientific R&D and bio-tech employment elsewhere. What’s worse, Common Core could place tax credit scholarships to schools teaching nut-job science at risk.

    Senator Fran Millar said he was removed as Chairman of the Senate Education and Youth Committee because of politics. Perhaps that includes his support of ObamaCore.

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