Because We Want You All To Hurt Like We Did…

If reading it wasn’t enough, we’ve brought it to you on tape so that you can feel the pain we all felt when we saw it ‘live’.
If you’re just looking to hear about  “killing babies in ‘Nam”, log cabin Republicans  and “screwing politicians” into office (which, if you ask me, is going to take one heck of a grassroots effort), just skip to the last 15 minutes.
Left to Right we have Alex Johnson, John Padgett, Seth Harp and BJ Van Gundy.
Also watch for:

  • How many times John Padgett fixes what’s left of his hair
  • Whether or not Seth Harp can actually hear what “Steve” is asking
  • How many times BJ Van Gundy says ‘100 day plan’
  • Alex Johnson and “Steve” scuffling over Facebook friend counts

So without further ado…your choices for GA GOP Chairman.


  1. Finally got around to watching it this morning. That wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it might be. If I were a delegate (I’m not), I’d say that safely narrowed it down to Alex and BJ for me. I’ve got a number of friends supporting each of them and just based on the video I’d say either of them would do a good job. (I don’t know either of them personally though I’ve met them both a few times.)

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