GAGOP Round-up: It’s The Penultimate Update!

It’s about time for the GAGOP Convention in Athens.  PSA:  If you’re a delegate, alternate, or general spectator, come hang out with us front page flunkies at the next Peach Pundit Roadshow.  We look forward to seeing some of you.  Others, well, you know.

There are four gentlemen running for state Republican Party chairman.  I sent my questions to them.  Two responded back. Many thanks to Alex Johnson and BJ VanGundy for their responses.  John Padgett and Seth Harp decided not to respond back to my Q&A.

I also have the Q&A from Suzi Voyles who announced her intent to run for 1st Vice Chairman of the state Republican Party.

The regularly scheduled update is below the fold.

Well, I don’t believe Joe Dendy will be running for the top spot on the GAGOP Executive Committee.  He’s endorsed John Padgett:


Over the last several months I have had friends and colleagues from all over this great state encourage me to run for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.  I have been humbled by the outpouring of support, and please know that I am truly grateful for the faith my friends place in me.

After prayerful consideration, and with the full support of my wife, Billie, I have made the decision not to seek the office of Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.  That decision was largely based on the fact there already is a candidate running who will move this Party forward, my friend  John Padgett.  He is a provenprincipled and strong leader, and I am fully confident in his ability to take our Party to new and greater heights.

John Padgett is a proven grassroots leader.  From the grassroots of the Party to the Board Room, John doesn’t just “talk the talk”… he “walks the walk.”  For thirty-five years, John has worked for the sake of our Party while building businesses and creating jobs.  I know John will be a servant-leader we can count on.

John Padgett is a principled conservative.  While many ebb and flow with what’s popular, John has always stood strong in his traditional conservative values.   John is a taxpayer’s champion, a protector of the Constitution and an advocate for limited government and individual freedom.

John Padgett is a strong person.  A dedicated husband, father, and grandfather, John doesn’t do anything halfway.  At the helm of the Georgia Republican Party, we can count on John to exude a contagious passion for our Party and the principles we hold dear.

I encourage you to read John’s 10-Point “Conservative Action Plan” at Without a doubt, John is the right leader, right now, and I am proud to support his candidacy.

Thanks again for your continued support, and I hope you will join me in supporting John Padgett for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.  If you wish to discuss with me how I arrived at this decision, please do not hesitate to call me.


Joe Dendy

My counterpart in the 11th Congressional District GOP, Brad Carver, has made up his mind too and endorses BJ VanGundy:

A message from
11th District 1st Vice Chairman Brad Carver about the Georgia Republican Party Chairman
Here’s why I am supporting B.J. Van Gundy for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

My wife, Michelle, and I are proud parents of an 18 month old son, Bradley. Like any good parents, we want the best for our child’s future. Even at his young age, we talk about good choices. We encourage him choose not to dump oatmeal on the floor. We encourage him to choose to communicate with the new words he’s learning. We begin to teach him that he has choices, and good and bad decisions have their own set of consequences. Bottom line, though, we begin to teach that his setbacks are learning opportunities and his success is his alone.

Just as Bradley deserves the opportunity to make his own choices, all Americans do too. We don’t want the government raising us. We don’t want the government crippling us to believe we cannot make our own choices. We don’t want the government to provide us with an allowance. We want to live with the freedom that our setbacks are learning opportunities and our success is ours alone.

We cannot allow government to take over our healthcare system, dictate what is taught to our children by bureaucrats in Washington D.C., and kill jobs through liberal policies. We must ensure that Republicans stay in the majority so that we can protect our state from liberalism. That is why I am voting for B.J. Van Gundy for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

As a resident of Fulton County, I see every day what liberal government looks like. Jobs are moving to nearby conservative counties, school systems are under investigation, and our hard earned tax dollars are being wasted on big government. If we do not maintain our conservative majority in this state, those liberal policies will be dictated to us from the Gold Dome. We cannot let that happen. We need a Chairman who will take our message to those who don’t yet know they are Republican. We need a Chairman who will stand up and fight for conservative values. We need a Chairman with solutions. That candidate is B.J. Van Gundy.

I joined the Fulton County Republican Party in 2003 after coming home from serving in Iraq in the U.S. Army. I believe in the values that make the USA the greatest nation on Earth. I’ve stood up to fight and I want the same from our next Chairman. We will win through our actions and our ideas and by taking our message to those who don’t currently vote Republican. We will lose if we sit back and talk to each other about conservatism and the grassroots. It’s time we quit preaching to the choir and start talking to those outside of our tent.

There is only one candidate in this race that I trust to advance the conservative principles so that my son has an opportunity to succeed in life. I ask you to join my wife and me in supporting our next Chairman, B.J. Van Gundy.


Brad Carver

And Alex Johnson has sent out his latest list of supporters:

Your Chairman should be accessible to you. As I have traveled throughout Georgia over the past weeks, people like you have consistently asked for the state Republican Party to be more accessible and to communicate more openly with Georgia Republicans. Overall, Georgia Republicans want the party to listen to their ideas and concerns and to act on their behalf. And I want to hear from you.

In that vein, I am not going to ask you to schedule your precious time to communicate your ideas with me. Instead, call my phone number: 404-436-1GOP ) or e-mail me, and I will communicate with you about your questions, concerns, or ideas as quickly as possible.

Throughout Georgia, Republicans are ready for a new generation of party leadership that is committed to our Republican values and will let us leave a legacy of a strong, principled, ethical Republican Party in Georgia. I humbly ask for your vote in Athens on May 17-18. For those of you who have not met me at events, caught an internet stream or made it out to the debates so far, this is what a diverse range of people are saying (taken from my campaign Facebook page ):

“Alex, you articulate a vision for accountability, growth, optimism and demographic openness along with conservative, grassroots values that is well considered and cogent. I wasn’t sure what to expect from any of the candidates, but now I’m confident that your leadership would be welcome by a wide variety of Republican constituents.” – Travis
“You did an excellent job! We watched the debate, live streaming, and felt you were clearly the winner! Have you read Todd Rehm’s newsletter today? He had some positive comments as well.” –Donna

“Alex Johnson said politicians need to be called out when they are straying from conservative principles. No party statement is hurting our image. FINALLY. someone said it.” – Jessica

“The only guy in the room who gives good answers and doesn’t give money to democrats.Johnson is the only choice for chairman.” – Justin

“Alex was brite, focused, and seemed to understand the chance of saving the Georgia Republican Party lay within him and the other youthful party members.” – Ron

“Was encouraged by last night’s debate. You have my vote.”-Dottie

“Alex, you have my vote and anyone else i can convince… anyone I will call a friend!” – Mary

“I like you more and more everyday. Keep hammering brother. Your gaining momentum in my eyes.” –Andrew

“Im liking this guy more and more.” – Linda

“I have faith in your ability to build upon the foundation laid before you.” – John

And Michael J. Harris sends this out supporting Alex Johnson:

I intend to vote for Alex Johnson for Georgia GOP Chair. I hope, if you are a delegate, that you will join me. If you are not a delegate, please contact the delegates in your county/district and let them know you want them to vote for change.

I have nothing against the other qualified candidates. While the party is strong in GA we need to move it up a notch and get out of the rut of doing things the same way as we have been….or we will die on the vine.  The difference that Alex brings to the table is that he has fresh ideas, is professional and articulate, and will move the state GOP into the 21st century with a vision. Yes, that’s it, a vision.  More than just convictions, he demonstrates the courage of his convictions. He is more than a manager of the status quo. He is a leader with a vision.

We have a choice folks; more of the same or get moving with the change.

Let GA lead the way!


It’s a choice 🙂

Stay tuned later this week for my last GAGOP Round-up where I may reveal who I am leaning towards in supporting at the convention.


  1. GAPolitico says:

    Perhaps we will make it to the Road Show. I’m not sure I could suffer through the whole convention.

    Seth Hard seems like the most likely to say stupid things that will help Democrats raise money, so I hope you guys elect him!

  2. CSF says:

    I think it is clear which candidate for chair has both the qualifications to lead the GOP and the plan to grow it. BJ Van Gundy is great leader who will do great things for the GAGOP. He has more than just idea, he has an actual plan.

    For those who are undecided, or possibly voting for one of the other candidates, take a look at who didn’t turn their questionnaire in. It’s hard to say you are going to use social media and improve technology when you don’t even respond to the largest political blog in Georgia.

  3. CowetaVoter says:

    John Padgett ehh? Isn’t he the one at the infamous Athens-Clark County convention fiasco? You know, the one that had the appeal and ended up being thrown out because of the blatant disregard for following the rules in an effort to disenfranchise the delegates… Oh, yippee! Lets vote THAT guy in as the LEADER of our state party. Sheesh. if you do, you get what you deserve – more inside corruption, good ole boy establishment crap (and isn’t BJ Van Gundy part of the leadership that set this whole thing up..yep)
    BTW, here is the link to the youtube video and John Padgett “taking care of” our party…and we wonder why the dems are winning.

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