Morning Reads for Friday, May 10, 2013

Better Georgia just can’t let go.
– Got a cool million or two sitting around? Nick Saban’s house on Lake Burton to be auctioned June 6.
Proctologists or prognosticators? How can you tell?
Atlanta parking study slated to restudy downtown. Gird your loins – it can only mean you’ll be seeing more ParkAtlanta vehicles lurking about. Speaking of PA, Dale Russell researched those getting out of those tickets.
– Former lawmaker Ken Fuller behaving badly. Over a cat.
– Out of the mouth of babes… Mayor Reed on Fulton County.
Douglas County Board of Education second highest paid in the state behind…you guessed it… DeKalb.

– So who’s the bully in the Senate?
The real story here isn’t that British lawmakers are demanding cheaper booze at parliamentary pubs…
– Ken Cuccinelli (R) is running for governor of Virginia. He’s promising to lower taxes. Next…
– The Dark Lord speaks.
– NC restores lots of gun rights.

Random Everywhere:
– Is Facebook Boy Mark Zuckerman the next George Soros?
– Really CNN? Do you think we all are that stupid?
– 10 reasons you’ll quit your job this year.


  1. John Vestal says:

    The next time you look at a Georgia ballot and the choices for Governor and have that same sinking feeling you had last time, just remember this…..

    Hey, at least I’m not in Virginia.

    • sockpuppet says:

      Hackery is caring about private parties in the first place. Hackery is also failing to acknowledge that the fundraising goals to hold the integrated private party was met a week before Better Georgia got involved. Hackery is Better Georgia exploiting this situation for their fundraising and publicity and not for the best interests of anyone in Wilcox County. Finally, hackery is failing to report that the “all black prom” in Wilcox County was actually open to anyone who wanted to attend … Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans and yes whites. That is the best – or worst – part. There was no need for the effort to host the third party to begin with. Whites – and everyone else – could have just attended the (very much misnamed) black prom.

      The biggest hackery of all is focusing on stuff like this instead of the real issues concerning the black community. I’d like to know A) the illegitimacy rate, B) high school completion rate, C) crime rate of blacks in Wilcox County vs. the whites. I don’t expect Better Georgia to provide such information because it would be harmful to their political and ideological agenda. The Pajamas Media guy COULD HAVE but chose not to, and that was to his credit.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Corporate welfare is booming in Georgia. To be a lobbyist and a politician that can bring home to a single company $100 or $200 million is incredible. Across the board reductions just wouldn’t have such a payday for so few.

  3. Scott65 says:

    Alright for Mayor Reed piling on Fulton Co…saying they dont do anything anyway…wow

  4. Harry says:

    From the Washington Times:

    Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, stopped short of accusing the Obama administration of outright lying about Benghazi, but he said serious questions remain over why senior officials attempted initially to pin the incident to spontaneous protests rather than terrorism.

    “The whole line of the presidential campaign to re-elect Barack Obama was bin Laden is dead, al Qaeda is decimated no terrorist attacks anywhere,” Mr. McCain said during an appearance on Fox News as Wednesday’s hearing was winding down. “Then, of course, this thing happened and it had the capability of disrupting that narrative at a really crucial time in a presidential campaign. That explains some of these inexplicable actions” by the administration.

    Momentum continued to mount among Republicans for the creation of a select committee to deepen congressional probes into what occurred in Benghazi and how the administration managed the aftermath.

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