Friday Announcement From Tom Price: “Not it!”

The next candidate for the US Senate seat being vacated by Saxby Chambliss is NOT Rep. Tom Price, who told the MDJ: I’ve been remarkably encouraged and inspired by folks all across the district and the state to have us run for higher office, however, our assessment at this point is the House is the battleground for politics in this country right now…”

Woulda? Coulda? Shoulda? It’s probably the safe bet. Listen now for the sound of at least one State Senator’s heart breaking, and whirring of Karen Handel’s campaign machine.

UPDATE From Karen Handel:

Tom has been a tremendous leader for Georgia in the House and I am glad that our state will continue to have the benefit of his experience and expertise moving forward.  He and Betty are dear friends, and Steve and I hold them in the highest regard and have great affection for them.

I am honored that so many people from across Georgia continue to urge me to run for US Senate, and I will let everyone know my decision in the very near future.  Meanwhile, Steve and I appreciate the encouragement and friendship.”


  1. Brian Jack says:

    Even without Price, when was the last time a state had 3 sitting U.S. Representatives run for a Senate seat? And of the same party? Incredible.

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