Rubio Ad On Immigration Reform Bill Running In GA

An ad featuring Florida Senator Marco Rubio touting his support for the “Gang Of 8” immigration reform bill has been running on Atlanta TV and radio station. points out the group behind this ad is associated with Faceboook Chief Mark Zuckerberg – an interesting angle to this story.

You’ve got to hand it to Rubio. He’s taking a risk here by being out front on this bill. This could pay off or really hurt him politically.

So, is this a good bill or a bad bill? Should Georgia’s Congressmen support this? A few have already expressed support.



  1. joe says:

    No matter what we think, this bill is likely to pass the Senate, but not the House.

    There are just too many reports of problems to make this thing fixable. Right now on Drudge, there are links to several negative stories:

    Immigration Bill Gives Big Sis ‘Virtually Unlimited,’ ‘Sole and Unreviewable’ Discretion, ICE Council Warns Congress…

    How criminal gang members can get amnesty…

    REPORT: Immigration bill only stops half of illegal immigration…

    If any of these stories are true, or if any of the recent stories about the cost of this bill are true, then it is too poorly written to become law.

    I am not convinced that this is anything but an amnesty bill.

  2. newby says:

    I saw an interview with both Rubio and Senator Jeff Sessions on Fox News tonight. I am very disappointed in Rubio and I am losing more respect for him every time I hear him defend this Bill. He has fallen in love with his own creation. I trust Sessions more than I trust Rubio on this matter and Sessions says it is a bad Bill that will cost the tax payer trillions. He also thinks the American workers will be harmed in their search for jobs. Rubio needs to talk to Ted Cruz.

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    Rubio sees the writing on the wall and wants to sell out early.
    Defacto amnesty did happen.
    Add in the nationalization of all healthcare workers to federal employees thru Obamacare over the next several years.
    Lots of new Dem voters and Republicans who will just not vote due to Amnesty.
    This is why Chris Cristie sold out………………….and so will all the others.
    People no longer believe in our government for people so only special interests voters from now on.
    Obama destroyed America in only four years.

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    Rubio’s support of the bill will likely only hurt him with the GOP base that doesn’t want or doesn’t know how to govern. The bill will need more than bare bones GOP support in the Senate (a la Toomey and 2-3 other on gun background check legislation) if the legislation is to be a vehicle to real leadership.

  5. Three Jack says:

    If Sessions is referring to the Heritage analysis of the bill where a false price tag of $6.2T was placed on it, he should retract his opposition –

    This bill currently at 867 pages is likely to do more harm than good as is the case with most legislation these days. The issue could be resolved quickly and with more realistic effect if the GOP will stop attempting to appease the unappeasable fringe. Rubio is on the right track, he just needs to reduce the size and scope of the legislation so that it addresses the core issue of need vs. current antiquated regulations.

  6. newby says:

    Sessions is referring to his own analysis of the Bill. He has always been very good at that. He was very concerned that Janet Napolitano would have ‘Virtually Unlimited,’ ‘Sole and Unreviewable’ Discretion”, as Joe has already stated. It is a bad Bill!

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