Pridemore Preparing For Monday Announcement?

From the Tipline:

We are told that email invitations are being sent by Cobb County Republican Tricia Pridemore to attend a “Special Announcement” Monday evening at Poe’s BBQ in Marietta.   This begs the question:  Will she announce that she’s running for GA-11, or is she forming a rival BBQ tour?

Presuming it’s a Congressional bid, she’ll be joining Bob Barr, Barry Loudermilk, and Ed Lindsey as announced candidates.  And if this is about our BBQ tour, the next stop will be June 24th in Newnan.


  1. gwinnguy says:

    im betting there are about 15-20 people in the district who actually voted for her in her last race. Not sure why some people get so full of themselves after they lose.

    • I think Tricia will do very well in this race. If I’m not mistaken, she’ll be Georgia’s First Republican Congresswoman? That sounds pretty marketable.

      • TheEiger says:

        If she wins. It’s going to be an uphill battle. She is not known to the average voters whereas Lindsey, Loudermilk, Barr and Judson Hill (if he gets in) have all been seen on the ballot before.

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        As a woman, I would never vote for someone just because of gender.

        I certainly hope most women who vote in a primary look for more than shallow things like that when they choose a representative. It’s going to take more than being female to win this race.

        • She’s accomplished, business savvy, and just as capable as every man in that race. A lot of black people didn’t vote for Barack Obama just because he was black – some did. Her being a woman is something she can market in this race that the other’s cannot. Simple fact.

      • Brian Jack says:

        Indeed. Georgia has never been represented by a Republican woman. 6 Democratic women have represented our state in Congress – 5 in the House and 1 in the Senate. And the late Sen. Felton has another fascinating claim to fame: she only served in the upper chamber for one day.

  2. John Konop says:

    I will say picking Poe’s BBQ is a great idea! The beef brisket is amazing……..I would like to know more about her……does anyone have any bio and issues information about her?

  3. Looking at a map of CD11 and just thinking about population densities / voter distribution, I’m not sure I see a win for Tricia, other than garnering some name recognition. It’s going to take a lot of work for her to come out on top against the others who have already announced. (I’m not going to take Hill into account here as he hasn’t announced. It’d be kind of useless for him to get into this race at this point unless he just wants to give up his current seat.)

    I think we can safely say that all the candidate has to do is win the R primary. Unless they really screw something up, the general should be safely Republican. So what does the CD-11 district look like for R’s? I would think Barr probably will do well in the Smynings area with some competition from Lindsey. It’s probably a pretty close race between all candidates in Marietta. That leaves the I-75 and 575 corridors. I expect Loudermilk to do pretty well up both of those. Already seeing support for him along the 575 corridor from the Cherokee Tea Party crowd. Unless she really surprises me, I think it’s currently looking like a fairly close race for Barr – Lindsey – Loudermilk with Tricia falling in fourth. She’s certainly picking a good place to start though. They’ve got some good mac & cheese and fried okra. 🙂

    I don’t really have a favorite in the race yet… I’ll wait to see how things shape up and what the candidates have to say first.

    • tdk790 says:

      Good analysis. Almost all of our current Congressmen came from the state legislature. The five others include two county commissioners, a Congressman’s chief of staff, a Civil Rights icon, and Paul Broun (who had been on the ballot 3 times (1 US Senate, 2 Congress) before winning).

      I’m not saying that’s a good thing, or that it is a rule. But it shows the value of experience and name ID.

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