New Teacher/Administrator Evaluation Bill Now Law

HB244 by Rep. Randy Nix provides for the development of an evaluation system, no later than the 2014-2015 school year, for teachers, assistant principals and principals. This bill lists the evaluation measures as well as a rating system the State Board of Education shall adopt. The State BoE will make the final decision on how the evaluation is compiled and it does not mandate how elements will be weighted. Additionally, the local school systems can recognize the most effective educators while removing those found to be repeatedly ineffective.

Currently teachers are graded as either effective or ineffective, a system which doesn’t help anyone involved.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is pleased with the bill (received via email):

“We need the best, most effective teachers in our classrooms to ensure Georgia students get the skills and knowledge needed for today’s jobs. HB 244 puts us closer to that goal by linking educator assessment to student achievement, creating a more transparent and uniform system that treats teachers and administrators as the professionals they truly are. The Georgia Chamber would like to thank Governor Deal, Rep. Randy Nix and the General Assembly for recognizing this crucial need and for their commitment to strengthening our public education system with this legislation.”