Morning Reads–Merely as Good as the Last

Sorry guys, phoning this one in. Just going to be as good as my last Morning Reads. When I visit such god-forsaken outposts as Bujumbura, Hohot and Lawrenceville, people always ask me: “What is the greatest live jazz set ever?” I inform them that it is this one.

Governor Deal doesn’t like Fulton County, wants the state to tell the county what to do. Good idea. Let’s ignore the fact there are counties that are legitimately dysfunctional and poor stewards of tax dollars, but instead beat up on the old whipping boy when bereft of ideas. Is Fulton perfect? No but it isn’t in imminent need of the state’s direction and frankly, all my interactions with the government have been pleasant.


      • pettifogger says:

        I share some agreement with those who groan about each side constantly digging for scandal regarding the other. However, I don’t really see how Benghazi can be ignored, unless the argument is simply that the “bombshell” won’t be that remarkable. I don’t agree with that, as I believe an administration’s twisting of facts to continue softball with Islam and to win an election is pretty notable.

        If we have State department staffers say today they were leaned on to avoid the truth, how is that not hearing-worthy?

          • pettifogger says:

            I’m not sure, I’m not really advocating for it. There are some who want to make Islam answer for the acts of Islamic individuals, so I guess that may be hardball coming from the administration. I wouldn’t be a fan of that approach, although I think we can let the facts out without theatrics in either direction. Nonetheless, I think it is pretty “softball” to pretend that a terrorist attack is the product of a controversial video, while making a grand show about how opposed America is to the video and doing our best to scapegoat the creator.

            I don’t know what the purpose of the strategy is. Perhaps it is a good intentioned, although failing, attempt by the Administration to ingratiate itself to the Muslim world. Perhaps it is simply the product of the academic left’s refusal to apply progressive standards to Islam (while applying them rigorously to other faiths). Perhaps it is simple fear of overreaction, which has precedent.

  1. DeacfromGA says:

    Fulton County is Georgia’s most important county but they cannot even hold proper elections. Get your head out of the sand Ed.

    • sockpuppet says:

      Sorry Deac. This was the GOP doing a power grab to accomplish something that they never could at the ballot box. If GOPers want to control Fulton so bad, they should try moving there. Otherwise, they need stick to addressing the problems in the areas where they actually do live, like, I don’t know, traffic. The effort to impose a political ideology on a region that doesn’t want it would have been better directed towards passing a bill that would allow counties to coordinate on transportation projects or something.

      And please, no complaints about how North Fulton gets the short shrift. Like the GOP leadership in Cobb, Gwinnett, Hall, Cherokee etc. cares about what their Democratic-leaning areas have to say.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    As I suggested in a comment, shady Dodge County local legislation is readily dispensed with by veto:

    Vetoing useless gift limitation legislation was too much too expect, since the hope is that citizen concern about buying influence will simply go away.

    As to Georgia becoming purple. Nate Silver’s interactive graphic (link below) based on voting changes due to immigration reform indicates that a purple Georgia is decades away. The user of the graphic makes their own assumption on the numbers of illegal immigrants that will obtain citizenship, and the levels at which they as new citizens will vote. The color of states graphically change over a 30 year period.

    • Stefan says:

      The assumptions aren’t state specific. For instance, if the slider is set at Democrats winning 40% of the White vote and 95% of the black vote (as it is in the default settings), Georgia would ALREADY be blue. And would have been blue in 2012.

      The entire graph is more about watching the colors change than any real analysis. That said, I am going to mess with it for another ten minutes. Thanks for the link.

  3. PegM says:

    I’ve actually been to the Montreax Festival. That set is excellent, although I can think of others that compare…I’m thinking of Basie, Brubeck, Oscar Peterson…….

    • Ed says:

      Jazz Goes to College, ftw. FTW.

      Modern Jazz Quartet in Europe is hard to be beat.

      (Also, someone should have called me out, “Swiss Movement” is basically R&B/Pop).

  4. drjay says:

    the article makes it a little unclear–but i would think sabathia is almost certain to get to 200 wins this year–he’s at 195 now and is like 4-3 so far this year. and i would think mark buerhle at 34 has a good shot sitting at 175 wins right now…

    i am disappointed by the mark sanford win last night…

  5. Ellynn says:

    You need to fix the leek link Ed. I have been stuck in the same house with my survivalist Alex Jones loving brother and my pro union Daily Kos reading cousin for a week. I need a real food fix. Jazz right now would be asking too much for this family right now.

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