Don’t Believe Everything You Read — Democratic Pollsters Edition

How convenient.

The day after Congressman Barrow announced he would not run for the open Senate seat, Politico “obtained” a memo from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee that shows Michelle Nunn performing slightly better than Barrow in a head-to-head matchup with Jack Kingston. 

But the internal survey of 800, obtained by POLITICO, found that Barrow would have started off a general election down 4 points against Rep. Jack Kingston, 33 percent to 29 percent. Nunn, the CEO of the non-profit Points of Light Institute which encourages volunteerism, would have begun down just 1 point, 33 percent to 29 percent [sic].

Yes, the numbers are off, so I assume Nunn would be 33 to 32. I’ll update it later if they do.

I don’t buy it. That could probably have been lessened were it not for the timing of the release–sorry–obtaining of the poll. But also with over a year to go and two non-candidates who are largely unknown to most of the state it certainly doesn’t mean bupkis. And really, a statistically significant proportion of the population knows and has a strong opinion of a non-profit CEO than a Congressman whose name is routinely mentioned in the news?

It is academic now (and will be when Nunn gets cold feet…again) and the best thing the poll suggests is that voters have no idea who is running in races 18 months before the election.


  1. polpol says:

    Interesting in that this presumes that Kingston will be the Republican nominee……

    • Ed says:

      Yeah but to be fair, Kingston is basically an avatar for your generic, white-bread Republican.

  2. Did they not list party – even this far out the undecided should be more like 20 than 40, most people are going to vote the party and are pretty honest about it.

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