GAGOP Round-up: 1st Vice Chairman Q&A Plus Other Tidbits

First off, I’m going to link to the responses to my GAGOP candidate questionnaire from both Catherine Bernard and Michael McNeely rather than post their answers below the fold.  Next week, I will be posting the responses from our candidates for GAGOP Chairman.  ::UPDATE:: Suzi Voyles has confirmed that she’s in the 1st Vice Chairman race.  I have sent her the questionnaire and will post it here either with this week’s update or with next week’s depending on the turnaround time.

So, I’ve been hearing reports of shenanigans (being added to unwanted email lists or newsletters not associated with an already announced candidate) that are transpiring with the GAGOP delegate and alternate email addresses.  My understanding is that according to GAGOP Rule 9.13 that access to the delegates and alternates list is limited to any elector offering himself as a candidate for party office:

Any elector offering as a candidate for the position as a party officer, Delegate or Alternate shall be entitled to access on an equitable basis to the lists of the Delegates and Alternates who are certified to vote in the elections for these positions.

I would figure that the rule is describing someone who has announced or intends to announce.  I’m optimistic that our announced (or even soon to announce) candidates would be respectful of other people’s data and not allow those who are not candidates to use the lists.

With that said, let’s jump to this week’s update.

Speaking of emails, I received an email Thursday evening that’s trying to draft Cobb County GOP Chairman Joe Dendy to run for GAGOP chairman.  I’m speculating on if Joe has started his own draft campaign, but others are speculating that Shawn Hanley is behind it.  The email was sent by “Informed Republicans ([email protected])” and has a Post Office Box in Warner Robins listed as their address.  Neither the email address or the PO Box yielded much information on who it may be.  Here’s the email that was sent:

ALERT from Informed Republicans!

Please help us take this viral. Utilize the power of the internet and send this to your mail list TODAY!

Draft Joe Dendy For State Chair
The GA GOP Needs
strong Leadership
Proven at the Grassroots Level

Someone who has built a strong and thriving county party
Someone who will stand strong for our core principles
As Informed Republicans, you are well aware of the need for strong leadership in our state party. We believe that strong leader is not yet in this race. We need you to help us convince Joe Dendy to run for and win the Chairmanship in Athens. Joe Dendy has proven to be the kind of Chairman we need at the state level. He has built a thriving and successful County party in one of the largest, most diverse counties in our state. Joe has been Chairman of the Over 80,000 Caucus for two years. Joe was State Director for the Mike Huckabee Campaign for President, which won Georgia. We believe that Joe is the right man for these troubled times, but we need your help. We need a grassroots call for Joe to step up and serve the party. Joe recently ran for re-election, but Cobb is strong and we think Joe should move to the state level now and help the state achieve the same success as Cobb County. Here’s a web page from that County race that tells all about who Joe is.

Odds of Joe Dendy being nominated from the floor?

There’s going to be a debate in Savannah betwixt the candidates for GAGOP offices at the Coastal Georgia Center at 305 Fahm Street from 1:30p to 4:00p.

GAGOP Assistant Secretary has two candidates:

Kirk Shook

Kirk Shook began his political career when he got his driver’s license at 16.
He started his involvement with the Towns County Republican Party and
completed his Senior Project on starting political organizations in
communities. During this time, he shadowed the Republican nominee for
State Senate in his area, and later, went on to serve as the County Chair in Towns County for his

When Kirk started college in 2003 at Young Harris College, he noticed there was not a College
Republicans chapter on campus. Within a few months, Kirk and other founding members started a
chapter that still continues to this day. As President of this organization, the College Republicans grew
to a membership of over 150 students and was the largest chapter per capita in the state at the time.
For his efforts, Kirk was appointed by the Georgia Association of College Republicans Chair to serve as
one of three North Georgia Field Directors, and then later as the North Georgia Political Director where
he helped 34 different College Republican chapters work to make Georgia Republican red through and

After graduating from the University of Georgia in 2007, accepting a teaching job at North Oconee
High School, and settling in Oglethorpe County, Kirk was elected Chairman of the Oglethorpe County
Republican Party where he has helped to involve new members, grow the party, and elect more
Republicans in the county. During his tenure, Republicans have grown their majority on the School
Board, taken every post of the County Commission, and now hold all but two county-wide posts. Kirk
was just re-elected to his third, unopposed term as Chairman of the party in 2013.

Kirk also was a candidate for the State House of Representatives in 2010, but was defeated in the
primary by eventual winner and current Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, Hank Huckaby.
Kirk is currently the 2nd Vice-Chair of the 10th District Republican Party and serves on the Georgia
Republican Party State Committee. He was an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention
in 2012.

While Kirk has worked on numerous campaigns throughout the years, he and his wife started their own
firm, Pinnacle Political Consulting, LLC, in 2012 to help further the conservative cause even more.

Kirk and his wife Miriam live in Winterville with Lucy, their miniature schnauzer.

and Kaleb Hornsby

My name is Kaleb Hornsby, and I would like to be your next Assistant Secretary. I was an electronic technician in the Navy and am now a software engineer in Augusta. I am a proud father and a devoted husband. I am a Republican and want to serve our party.


The youth are our future. Their energy and passion will allow the Georgia Republican Party to build upon the successes that we have achieved across the state. Last year’s election season, I brought about a new level of youth particpation across Georgia’s Twelth Congressional District and will bring these experiences to the State Executive Committee. We need to address age gaps by increasingly bringing in new youth participation, and I have the dedication and proven history to achieve this goal.


Technology was a proven decider in last year’s elections across the country. As a software engineer, I develop emergency management software that is used around the world to save lives when seconds count. I will bring my professional expertise to the Georgia GOP to win elections when votes count. Embracing technology and new media will ensure our future success as a party. By using social media to empower our grassroots activists with up to the minute information, to gain greater awareness of our elections and activities.


Our principles are our foundation. Without principles, then what is the Republican party? Along with my qualifications I bring my unwaivering adherence to the principles of what this party is founded on: limited governemnt, individual responsibility, and fiscal conservatism.

And an update from Alex Johnson:

Your Chairman should be accessible to you. As I have traveled throughout Georgia over the past weeks, people like you have consistently asked for the state Republican Party to be more accessible and to communicate more openly with Georgia Republicans. Overall, Georgia Republicans want the party to listen to their ideas and concerns and to act on their behalf. And I want to hear from you.
In that vein, I am not going to ask you to schedule your precious time to communicate your ideas with me. Instead, call my phone number: 404-436-1GOP ) or e-mail me, and I will communicate with you about your questions, concerns, or ideas as quickly as possible.
Throughout Georgia, Republicans are ready for a new generation of party leadership that is committed to our Republican values and will let us leave a legacy of a strong, principled, ethical Republican Party in Georgia. I humbly ask for your vote in Athens on May 17-18. For those of you who have not met me at events, caught an internet stream or made it out to the debates so far, this is what a diverse range of people are saying (taken from 
my campaign Facebook page ):
“Alex, you articulate a vision for accountability, growth, optimism and demographic openness along with conservative, grassroots values that is well considered and cogent. I wasn’t sure what to expect from any of the candidates, but now I’m confident that your leadership would be welcome by a wide variety of Republican constituents.” – Travis
“You did an excellent job! We watched the debate, live streaming, and felt you were clearly the winner! Have you read Todd Rehm’s newsletter today? He had some positive comments as well.” –Donna


“Alex Johnson said politicians need to be called out when they are straying from conservative principles. No party statement is hurting our image. FINALLY. someone said it.” – Jessica


“The only guy in the room who gives good answers and doesn’t give money to democrats. Johnson is the only choice for chairman.” – Justin


“Alex was brite, focused, and seemed to understand the chance of saving the Georgia Republican Party lay within him and the other youthful party members.” – Ron


“Was encouraged by last night’s debate. You have my vote.”-Dottie


“Alex, you have my vote and anyone else i can convince… anyone I will call a friend!” – Mary


“I like you more and more everyday. Keep hammering brother. Your gaining momentum in my eyes.” –Andrew


“Im liking this guy more and more.” – Linda


“I have faith in your ability to build upon the foundation laid before you.” – John


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    I am a delegate, and I have not received any of the shenanigan emails. Possibly, the email list(s) being used is not what has been assumed.

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