Holcomb Looking at Governor, Senate Bid

Scott Holcomb tells The National Journal he is looking at both a Senate and Governor campaign in 2014.

“It’s fair to say that I’m thinking about it, and that’s largely a function of many people calling me and encouraging me to think about it. My background as a military veteran and also someone who understands business and can talk with business owners and tje [sic] business community, many people think that might be an advantage in a statewide race.”

That he is considering and being courted for higher office isn’t surprising. That it is happening so soon (and potentially against an incumbent), slightly more so.

Also, “The Fix” column in The Washington Post published its 10-most competitive Senate races for 2014 with Georgia coming in at numero 10. Hooray for us!


  1. troutbum70 says:

    A senate bid or a bid for Governor? Sounds like someone who thinks too highly of himself.

  2. GAGOPforliberty says:

    He does.

    A do-nothing who has done nothing, except vote like the Nancy Pelosi liberal he is.

    (State House combat veterans don’t think much about how he inflates his military record either).

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Yeah, it’s not like the 4th or lesser ranking member of a party with less than a third of the votes in the House can’t do anything.

      And the contrast! Why the GaGOP has completely turned the state around, and raised Georgia’s stature relative to other states, since complete takeover of state government only ten short years ago.

      And the focus! There’s nothing quite like cutting education and transportation spending and focusing on guns, gays and abortion to stimulate economic growth.

      Doofus Washington Dems in House and Senate need only look to Georgia for real GOP accomplishment.

    • ColonelMarch says:

      I will vouch for Scott’s military record. He accomplished all he claims. I served with Scott. He was an outstanding officer who has the skills to serve at any level. I disagree with some of his politics, but I have no doubt that he would make a great governor or senator. Take him on regarding the policy issues, but don’t attack his military record.

    • George Chidi says:

      Well, it’s true. He has been approached. I’ve approached him myself, and I know others who have.

      If he runs for the Senate, I’ll back him against Michelle Nunn. He’s a better candidate and would make a better senator.

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