Be Careful What You Click On When Surfing The Internets

While reading this morning’s Peach Pundit Daily I clicked on the link to the petition to remove the carving from Stone Mountain. Obviously I clicked on the wrong link and inadvertently signed the petition. It posted notice to my Facebook profile and sent emails out to numerous elected officials.

I do not support this idea and do not want the carving on Stone Mountain removed. I’ve sent an email to asking them how to remove my name from the petition but apparently there is no way to undo what you’ve done.

Good grief! When the guys at Better Georgia find out they’ll use me as a fundraising tool for weeks!

UPDATE: It looks like I was indeed able to get my name off the petition. Of course the emails to Legislators live on.


  1. Daniel N. Adams says:

    Headline: State Rep Brockway to lead next War of Northern Aggression – Dixieland Constitution Herald Banner Journal. 😉

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