2,000+ Jobs Possibly Coming To Whitfield County

I’ve just heard on NewsChannel9 (ABC affiliate in Chattanooga) that there’s a deal in the works to bring more than 2,000 manufacturing  jobs to Whitfield County.  They refer to WSB-TV’s story on this matter:

Sources familiar with the negotiations told Channel 2 Action News the company involved already has a presence in the state and is looking at a major expansion.

The company will open a new carpet manufacturing facility, bringing mid-level paying jobs to the Dalton area. According to the state Department of Labor’s website, the Dalton area has a 10.3 percent unemployment rate.

Gov. Nathan Deal hinted at a major jobs announcement Monday during an event to mark his signing of a bill to create a venture capital fund backed partly by public dollars, but he declined to name the prospect, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporters Scott Trubey and Greg Bluestein.

This is major news to those of us in northwest Georgia with higher-than-average unemployment.  The name of the manufacturer hasn’t been released, but we will probably hear who they are within the coming days.



  1. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Also, no doubt, a subtle pre-emptive shot at Mayor Pennington — for Deal to get the positive press on a major jobs announcement in NW GA would be quite a feather in his cap for that part of the state.

    The good Mayor is a sharp man, but he should stick with running the City of Dalton (or at least start by running for some other legislative seat and building state level credentials). Governor Deal has been good for Georgia – no reason to change course now, especially not to an extreme right candidate, as the statewide officer holders have to realize that Georgia is growing more and more “purple” by the year due to the growth of our minority communities in/around Atlanta.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    We probably need all the work we can get. Median Georgia pay runs about $16/hr so presumably these “mid-level paying jobs” employees will earn about $33k per year. That’s means there could be another 2,000 families of three mooching by not paying any federal income taxes.

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