Handel Talking Senate Bid Openly?

Word has reached Peach Pundit that former Secretary of State and Gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel has begun openly asking for support for her Senate bid. Seems that US Rep. Phil Gingrey not carrying his own district in a straw poll emboldened Mrs. Handel.

We don’t believe straw polls much, but wish her the best of luck.




  1. Just Nasty and Mean says:

    Remember how she lost the Governorship runoff? She came out STRONGLY for ethics reform–and the rulers at the Gold Dome came after her with a vengeance. So we ended up with a governor that barely escaped an active Congressional ethics investigation by his fellow Congressmen in DC.

    Karen Handel deserves a look–and level playing field to the snake-pit of incumbents back-benching nobodies that are going after the seat.

    Ask yourself–What is Gingrey’s signature legislation presented during his time in the Congress?
    Jack Kingston has been in Congress since 1993. What is his signature legislation?
    Paul Broun–at least he takes a stand—a worthy trait—but he’s a bit to the extreme. What is his signature impact while at Congress?
    Folks—there isn’t any.

    Karen Handel deserves a look.

    • Baker says:

      I def think she deserves a look, a strong look. I like Kingston, but besides that I disagree with your point about signature legislation. That’s how we get to the point we’re at now because all these bureaucrat schmoozers go around and point to their name on some “comprehensive” bill that solves nothing and makes crap worse.

      Are they fighting stuff? What’s their real voting record? Etc. etc. Names on legislation shouldn’t be totally ignored but it’s not the be all end all.

  2. JayJacket says:

    On a related note, can someone explain how Paul Broun managed to win this straw poll? Did the Paulians take over the 11th district convention?

  3. analogkid says:

    This was the next logical step for someone that’s completed full terms as governor, SOS, and Fulton BOC chair.

  4. emmitt fitzhume says:

    Is this the same Phil Gingrey who last year won a three way primary with 82% of the vote? Not so sure a “straw poll” means anything…

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