From the Peach Pundit Daily – A Correction

In this morning’s Peach Pundit Daily was this item:

NRCC Hits Barrow.  Word of Barrow’s likely run must have reached Washington.  Daniel Malloy says the National Republican Campaign Committee, aka the almighty NRCC, took a shot at the Congressman in their daily email. ” Maybe one of these days he’ll give up a safe seat in the House to lose a Senate race.” As Malloy points out that ain’t exactly a “safe” seat.  In fact if Barrow leaves it’s a likely GOP pickup.

Ahem. “NRCC” (which would never describe Barrow’s 12th District seat as “safe”) should have read “NRSC” -the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

We regret the error and blame others.

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  1. northside101 says:

    2010 Election Cycle (Current 12th District)–Republican Candidates listed first

    US SENATE: Isakson 61%, Thurmond 37%, Donovan (Libertarian) 2%
    GOVERNOR: Deal 56%, Barnes 41%, Monds (L) 3%
    LT GOVERNOR: Cagle 56%, Porter 41%, Barber (L) 3%
    SECRETARY OF STATE: Kemp 60%, Sinkfield 37%, Chastain [L] 3%
    ATTORNEY GENERAL: Olens 55%, Hodges 42%, Smart [L} 3%

    2012 President: Romney 55%, Obama 44%
    (CD 12 was the only Georgia cong district to vote opposite parties for president and Congress). All 9 GOP-held districts backed Romney, while the other 4 Democratic ones backed Obama.) Romney ran 29,000 votes ahead of Lee Anderson in CD 12—and more than 4,000 votes ahead of Anderson in 70% or so GOP Columbia County portion of CD 12.

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