Correction To Yesterday’s Morning Reads

The “Best Morning Reads Ever” contained this: “It is so tough to be an alumni of the best school in Georgia…” which a sharp-eyed reader pointed out is incorrect.

Male singular = alumnus : plural = alumni

Female singular = alumna:  plural = alumnae

Normally it is Peach Pundit policy to regret the error and blame others, but in this case, it was Ed’s fault. Apologies.


        • I’m afraid I don’t understand. I thought once someone graduated, they were always an alumnus / alumna? The only way they could no longer be an alum[whatever] would be if the university rescinds their diploma, no?

          • Harry says:

            All I can tell you is one good friend who formerly purportedly graduated from GSU does not donate money to the school or support their teams. And no, I’m not sure that he ever actually received a diploma as he didn’t show up for graduation. I assume nothing.

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